Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank You Rain!

“This is my work; my blessing,
not my doom;
Of all who live, I am the one by whom
this work can best be done in the right way.”
                        Henry VanDyke

Sometimes life gives you a break and you better take advantage of it.
You have all read the stories about My Hero; I gave him this title for a reason. He is an extremely hard workingman. This being said he never stops; he is a workaholic. It is exhausting just to watch him, let alone work beside him.
 He has taken care of his family all his life, before and after I came into it. He started as a young child, and it has carried him through to this day. I admire him for that.
 We have been very busy this last year. The fall was all about getting wood for heat, fixing fences, getting hay hauled home, and readying for the hard winter to come.
 The winter came and there was wood to transfer from the shed to the house weekly, calving came and with it many hours and tense moments. We were making sure our cows, and calves were fed and cared for daily. We put in a lot of hours, as you know from my previous posts.
 It is now spring and there is much to do. More fences to build, and maintain, cleaning the brush up from tree cutting in the fall, preparing the land for planting. We are still feeding the cows, just to supplement till the pastures are ready. We are still expecting a few more calves, so lots of checking.
  If the truth were told, you know what I am doing around here from my previous posts, but I have not helped in cutting the wood, clearing the brush, or fixing the fence this past year. My Hero has been doing this all by himself.  I have been dealing with the Fibro sporadically through most of the winter. I am also trying to deal with an unfortunate knee injury from a snowshoeing  incident in February. I am supposed to stay off it, but in my life that has proven to be impossible. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you just have to deal the best way you know how.
 My Hero gets up early Saturday mornings and heads to the bush alone, after working a 40-hour week off the farm. I watch him drive the tractor down the lane; I will not see him till I take him some lunch and water at noon. This makes me feel extremely guilty, we have always worked side by side ever since we bought this farm. I will not see him again till supper, or whenever he comes up, he does not wear a watch.
 I walk down to the bush and watch him from afar, he works, and works, the sweat pouring down his brow, he never complains. I find it very hard to watch now, I worry about him. He comes to the house after this day and we try to nurse his aching muscles, and joints with the ice packs, and heat packs, knowing he will be out there again the next morning bright, and early.
 My point being I was so glad it was pouring rain this Saturday, as he had no choice but to stop and take a break. There are many farmers just like him, and we are not getting any younger. I admire My Hero for always being here, taking care of us, and never complaining. Definitely My Hero. 

 Thank you rain!



  1. Wonderful post. You are very blessed!

  2. He sounds like a wonderful man, who appears to also have a very supportive wife! :)

  3. Sounds alot like someone I know! :)

    So glad you have a good man in your life. Do what you can to support him and your lifestyle -- that's all you can do.

    Have a great Monday!

  4. what a great post. and a very well-deserved break for your hero. :)

  5. God bless him, B. It reminds me of the Artist, and I know that without him, there would be no country life for me.

    Sweet post.

  6. Sometimes it takes and act of God to persuade a workaholic (bless their sweet hearts) to take a break. Nice work boots!

  7. what a beautiful story, in some ways, i could have written it myself. my husband and i have always worked together, running a business we started together. back in the day his construction jobs would shut down if it rained, i often prayed for rain, just to have an "extra" day with him.

    we are always home together now, both retired and it's wonderful. i always felt so proud helping him, supporting him. there are so many ways to do that and you have found them.

    the work boots look very familiar. xo

  8. What a nice tribute. Rain is good for many things.

  9. I grew up on a farm. I know exactly what you mean about a rain forced break!

  10. That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will have to thank my hero.

  11. If only I was as sweet. I guess I am not as thoughtful to "my hero" as you. Lesson learned here...thank you.
    YOU are my hero...a wonderful and thoughtful post to someone who sounds as though he is well deserving of it!

  12. Sounds like he's related to Petal. Mine doesn't stop even if it does rain. He can be gone for weeks on end and he calls me every night to make sure things are ok at home.
    I saw what he was like when he had to take six months off work while recovering from cancer and undergoing seven weeks of radiation treatment, hundreds of miles away from home. Even though he was 'sick as a dog' he drove himself home every weekend so he could get wood and do the heavy work I can't do.
    Thank you for reminding me to count my blessings, Buttons.
    Take care of yourself. Maa

  13. Such loving thoughts about your hero. I'm thinking he has the same ones about his heroine ;-)


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