Monday, May 23, 2011

Why Blog?

“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn,
good and ill together.”
            William Shakespeare

Everyone has their own reason.
 I remember when my Grandmother died; she had hidden away all these wonderful poems that she had written over the years. They were about her life, and what she was thinking at the time (her thoughts). It was very hard to hear them after she was gone. Some of the stories made me want to know more of what she was going through. I never understood her reasons. I still to this day wish I knew more about this strong woman I loved.
 I realized after my Father died just how important this was. My Father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at 76. He knew he did not have long, I thought there would be more time. He was always right.
 We would sit that summer on the front porch of his house; he would recall his thoughts, his childhood memories, and stories.
 He told story, after story, everyday a different one. Recalling the war years, his Father going off to defend his country when he was just a boy of 10. He became the man of the house for those five long years. His life was sometimes hard. He relayed the good and the bad.
  He explained the history of the city he had lived, and loved. Stories about trains, and boats, in an era I could not understand. I remember the happy memories made him smile, and his laughter at some silly thought. The sad tales bringing a tear to his eye, and mine.
 There was a sense of urgency in his storytelling; he wanted to get it all out. Sadly, the stories ended, it was four months almost to the day when he left us. I was left wondering about all those untold stories. I know there were many more. I still love to think of this time we shared.
 I decided that day I could not, and would not leave my children with untold stories. They needed to know who I truly was, not just their Mom. My thoughts, and my stories. I would not wait till it was too late.
 I will continue to blog so my children will not be standing at my graveside wondering.

 Why do you blog?



  1. I have always taken lots of pictures and kept a diary/journal/calendar. Then I got into scrapbooking. Blogging was a way to 'scrapbook.' I never expected to make friends blogging. I didn't think about that aspect of it, but I love it. And I have made new friends through the blog world, and I have learned so much.

    Cindy Bee

  2. I feel exactly the way you do. I noticed Blogger has a feature where they publish your blog pages in a book for you. I thought that would be good for my kids. I also started the old fashioned hand written journal for my kids to read someday. I think this is very important for future generations.

  3. I blog because it is an affirmative experience out here in cyberspace. I can finally "fit in" somewhere doing the things I do like using old stuff to make things, or just stopping to look at a "weed" that seems pretty. My stories are in there too! I don't think any family members care to hear them though.

    And its fun to meet people!

  4. This sky is amazing! great shot!

  5. and i hope your children will cherish all you share.

    me, i blog to share the beauty i get to experience here at Run*A*Round every day. so much nature and wildlife, silly dogs and beautiful horses. i felt so blessed that it gave me an outlet to spill it out into the world...

  6. i blog to share my joy, to share my life. here i connect with so many people who share the same interests that i do.

    it's my "virtual" scrapbook.

    most of my friends and family don't feel the same excitement i feel from nature, birds, flowers & wildlife. they are really uninterested in my blog. so i blog for myself & anyone who happens upon it & likes what they see.

    blogging has really changed my life. it has shown me that there are lot's of people just like me, who love the simple things!!

    that's why i blog!!! debbie

  7. Good question, Button. I'm glad your dad was free with his stories and that you took the time to hear. I hope you've also taken time to put those stories down for the future. Parents are a great source of wisdom and with a lot of silly and explanations of why were ARE what we are. I'm sad for those who have no way to know their family history.

    My blogging just started as a writing hobby, but has since expanded into learning about the real people in the world and making friends of similar interest. I love it--maybe a little too much considering how much time it consumes.

  8. The lost art of storytelling... I so believe that we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves. We don't trust our abilities to convey things well so we miss out on sharing intimately of ourselves. I too blog to leave an admittedly lackluster reminder of our everyday life for my children and... their children...

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. What a treasure trove, finding your Grandmother's poems and thoughts.
    You're so right about the need to leave stories behind. It was good you had that time with your Father even if it was cut short.

    As to why I blog, well, I'd mentioned to our daughter that I'd love to have a penfriend but was getting nowhere on the internet. She then suggested another way to search so I found blogs and just read them for a long time without joining in. Eventually, like Mary said, I felt I might've found somewhere I'd fit in and feel comfortable, so I took the plunge and started my own.
    I'm still very private in many areas, but I love the fact that there are others in the world with whom I share the same interests. The same sense of humour. I enjoy sharing feelings and emotions with the blogfriends I've made. Plus, I've never learnt so many things in such a short time either!
    I love that my husband, children and grandchildren often have a read of my blog to see what's happening in it and to share a laugh. It's my very own little spot! :D)

  10. That's a very fulfilling purpose to blogging. I write a lot - and keep a diary mainly for the purpose of leaving it to my children. I blog to share Jesus with others. May Jesus bless you and yours!

  11. When I first started my blog, my only thought was to please myself by writing about whatever struck my fancy at the time. I did not care one bit if I ever had a "follower".

    But, after a few months, I began to get followers who often provided meaningful comments, and those added greatly to the depth of my posts.

    Then, I got involved in reading the various posts of others, and it was like relationships were forming. It has been a great experience on several personal levels.

    I now follow you. God bless.

  12. I was encouraged to start blogging by some friends who knew absolutely nothing about farming...I guess they found it fascinating or something. :) That's why I started, and now it's mostly because I've found it to be share how life really is on the farm...the ups and downs and in-betweens!

  13. I agree with No Spring Chicken. I come from a family of story tellers and that was becoming a lost art unless you had your own tv show. I just started blogging as a journal of my endeavors and if anyone read my stories that would be fine. I have been so happy to find others that have enriched my life with their stories, photos, and recipes. I enjoy blogging to facebook, because people are actually commenting on your stuff. Not just asking you for your purple eggs.

  14. P.S. I really enjoyed your story about your Grandma and your father. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your father before he passed. Time is precious.

  15. that was a great blog post. I blog for pretty much the same reason but with pictures. there are so many places on this earth to see and if just one person sees a picture they never saw before or is inspired by one picture to travel to where I took it well that is what it is all about.

    I have a several books and short stories that my grandpa wrote a few years ago I retyped them on teh computer (they were all typed on a a typewriter) and then had them made into books for my brothers and dad for christmas these things must be passed on it is why we are human.

  16. :) I smile at you friend!

    You and I have the same reason - "just in case that ninth life isnt meant to be"...

    My grandchildren arent born yet - so in my heart I want to make sure that they remember the grandmom who had a large hearted love for life...

    "just in case" :)

  17. I blog because I want my children and grandchildren to know what their Mom and Grandma thought to be beautiful.

  18. Hey B! You have a very good reason for blogging and I am very glad you do 'cause I would have missed out on all your great stories. I guess through blogging we are leaving our marks.


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