Friday, June 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces! (Photo Friday)

" A picture may instantly present what
a book could forth only
in a hundred pages." 
   Ivan Sergeyevich Turgeniev

 This would be the bits, and pieces of my busy week.

Now; on to the next one.



  1. Thanks for reminding me to grab my watch this morning. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

  2. love the bits and pieces idea! i wouldn't know where to start at this point.

  3. Sensational photos! I love old barns and old rustic scenes.

  4. I love that old barn. It reminds me of the one at my granny's house. Every year my brothers and sister and I would spend two weeks at her house in Ohio and we loved to play in the barn. We were so sad the year my dad and uncle tore the barn down because it looked a lot like the one in your picture:-)It never dawned on us it might be a dangerous place to play!

  5. thanks for taking time to photograph your week for us! that poor barn...

    love the last photo.

  6. great photo's.....

    the silver lining of today!!! xo

  7. I love this post, the pictures and what they represent.

  8. Great photos. Sad about the twisted barn. Sorry about the kids on your other post. Stuff like that happens around here more often than I would like. We live on a pretty quiet hard to get to road, but still the drinkers get out here. It is unnerving.


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