Monday, June 13, 2011

Can I Help?

 “Work brings its own relief;
He who most idle
has most of grief.”
              Eugene Fitch Ware

 He said “yes”. What was I thinking?

 We had put a temporary ramp leading to the top of the barn, I want to say a few years ago, but I know it is much longer. We needed to do some foundation repairs. It was to be temporary but with everything else on the farm it worked, so it stayed.
 This year we noticed after our long winter it had dropped two feet. Now we had to do something. You see the round baler, square baler, and rake tractor are all in the top of the barn. No ramp no haying.
 This would be why I asked that question. I would really like to get the hay started so we could get it finished, and move on to other things on the farm.

 I jump on the tractor while My Hero pulls out the temporary beams used for the ramp. I rush back to hook up the dump wagon so we can load rock, and fill in this hole. I had not used the dump wagon for a while so I guess I hooked up the hydraulics wrong. This was not a problem when I dumped the load of wood in it but it turned out to be a problem when I went to let it down. It was stuck up in the air and I could not figure out why, I run up the laneway to get My Hero. He says, “I will be right there.” I run back to the tractor. Now I am thirsty wish I had brought some water. He makes his way back after about 15 minutes; a simple change of the lines and it goes down.

I drive the wagon over so he can fill it with the rock. We acquired this rock when they were widening a road not to far away, My Hero is always thinking way ahead.

 I drive the tractor and wagon up to the barn; My Hero follows behind with the backhoe. I am nervous backing up to this hole so I let him take over for me. He levels off the rock and then I jump in the backhoe and drive it back to rock pile. He fixes the sticky let the wagon down thingy (my technical term).
 He comes back, loads another load, then I drive with him to the hole, he backs it up, and dumps. This goes on for what seems like hours. Drive down, load, dump, and over again.

 I am in the house now getting some water, a banana, and writing this. My Hero is driving, loading, and dumping. He seems to have it under control. I can probably stay in here and he will not notice, it is not like he can fire me.

 I finish my drink and head out to help. It is starting to rain. Tomorrow we will finish.



  1. That looks like quite a job. Glad your Hero was one of the guys who thinks ahead. Concret rubble makes great filler and also a great base for driveways.

  2. oh, yes. that concrete rubble is perfect for this task! what a guy you have there!!! :)

  3. That sounds like some hard work!

  4. Man, that original "ramp" was a serious case of redneck engineering!

    BTW---when you are finished with your hero, can I have him?

  5. Clint I like to have him around but I will ask. B

  6. I just love your 'technical term' B! You have a great way with words :D)
    I also love how you hop on those machines and make them work. You've a myriad of talents.

  7. Funny how we "let" them take charge when they are around... otherwise, we'd have it done ourselves in half the time.

    (I say this because I had to free one of our chickens from a coon trap this morning -- never done it before and can't remember how I did it, but it's done.)

  8. Lots of sweat equity goes into a farm. Maybe that's why a cold drink now and then is essential. At least you two have some hydraulic help from that cool backhoe and dump wagon for such a big, big job. My dad would have loved to have such equipment.

  9. Granny Thank you. You are right. B

    Texwisgirl yes it was a great find. B

    Susan yes it made more sense to me. Thanks for the encouragement in technical terms. I love driving big equipment. B

    Nancy good job I think we can do anything we have to when push comes to shove. B

  10. Leenie Yes we are very lucky it took a long time and sweat and tears to get the wonderful machinery. We appreciate them every time we use them.
    I would definitely have helped your Dad do the work with the machine to save your Dad's back. It is to bad he never had it. B

  11. that looks like a lot of work wow

  12. lot's of hard work....

    handy hero you have there, you guys work well together!!!

  13. I like projects like that. At the end of the day you feel like you really did something.

  14. Always something popping up that must be tended to. Needless to say, what you planned will need to wait for another day.

  15. you are the ramp babe - thats one tough LOOONG job to do, but soo worth it!

    I used broken concrete once for flagstone - it turned out pretty good - theres money to be made in a book called "101 uses for broken up concrete" lol!


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