Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Did I Say Auction?

“The amount of genuine leisure available in society
is generally proportion to the amount of
labour-saving machinery it employs. 
                               E.F. Schumacher

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 The rain is really coming down now. Yes we are still going to this auction. My Hero has a mission and the sale is supposed to be under cover. We will soon see. Right now I am just going to enjoy the drive. My Hero is focused on the goal, so I did not get very many shots of the route. Let me just say even in the rain it was gorgeous. He did slow down when we reached this sign.

 Wow this looks like a full house. When it rains and a farmer cannot get on his fields, this is what he does. We are still a half-mile from the site and as you can see the parking is going to be interesting. My Hero drives by all these trucks to get closer. This is always a good tip if you are planning on buying something heavy.

 This is a shot of what he wanted, the cement mixer and the buzz saw, things to make his life a little easier. We may, or may not come home with this. With this crowd of farmers I am sure there is a lot of interest in these pieces. We will see. I head off to explore things that interest me.

 There was this wine press, and everything you need to set up your own operation. It seems the FBI was very interested.

I love the old machinery, the rain makes it just that much more interesting. Progress is great, but this machinery was top of the line at one time.

My Hero has a bit of building envy when he sees where the sale is being held. This building would hold our barn, our chicken coop, all our cows, and machinery, keep dreaming My Hero, and never, say never.

 I became a little fixated on a piece of history. This took a lot of my time. It was a photo from 1916. The campsite of Camp Borden a military base located in Ontario. My Grandfather was in WW1 and this kind of memorabilia has always peaked my interest. I tried to get shots of it but the lighting was bad, and it was damaged. I decided I was going to bid on it because I did not want someone just to buy it for the nice frame (I have seen this before). I was bidding, with My Hero watching, wondering what I was doing. I stopped when I knew it was not just going for the frame. I would have loved it but the look on My Hero’s face told me that was my limit. I asked the young man who outbid me, why he bought it; it was for his Dad I was happy to hear this.

Not very good photos terrible lighting.

 Ok, wandering around, looking for My Hero in this large crowd I found him just as his wish list was being auctioned. Well let’s just say after he bid it up to his limit it just kept going. Farmers know what they want. We ended up going home with an empty truck, and  a little wet.
 I had a great time and cannot wait till the next treasure hunt.

We head off home. The sun is coming out.



  1. Sorry you did not get what you wanted but sounded like a wonderful adventure anyway.

  2. I felt for you not getting your picture. However, it was nice you found out the successful bidder's intentions. Was meant to be.
    A good day spent in each others' company... perhaps next time your bids will win :D)

  3. I'm sorry about not getting the items you wanted, but sounds like an interesting adventure.

  4. oh, so true about farmers turning out in droves for an auction in the rain. made me chuckle as i remembered simpler times in Wisconsin. i love following along on your treasure hunts...

  5. I'm sure next time it will be Mr. Hero's lucky day ;-)

  6. I just love the interesting things you see at a farm sale. Even with the crowd in these pictures things seem quieter and more purposeful just for the items that are being auctioned.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Thanks for taking us along to the auction. Wish my days were filled with more adventure!

  8. Sorry you both went home empty-handed...but it sounds like fun anyway!

  9. Awwww, bummer. That cement mixer would come in handy for sure.

    Better luck next time, I hope. :)

  10. I just love farm auctions, but I don't have anyone to go with, or a truck. Looks like I need to go to one anyway - looking for both : )

  11. Alas, This happens to Petal many a time too....he gets outbidded. We've found some items can be bought cheaper NEW. It's crazy! What are they thinking.
    Well you had some fun anyway and it's a great way to spend some time together. Maa

  12. Sorry you didn't get the goods. I love a good auction. Always so much to see and people to visit with.

  13. so interesting....you turned it into a great adventure!!!

    i really loved all your photo's!!

  14. Auctions are fun (except for the family who are putting their life on the block). I love to listen to the patter and the rhythm of the auctioneer and the chatter of the crowd. A good way for farmers to spend a bad weather day. Loved you story and your photos--especially the one of the grain drill--so familiar. Thanks!!

  15. bahhhhaa fbi and the wine press good shot.

  16. I would love to have to have a wine jug in those wicker holders! Those looked like 10 gallons each! I could brew enough wine for years in one winter with a couple of those.

  17. I love going to the auctions with you! I'm too impatient to go myself. You are more fun to go with. I laughed and laughed at the FBI photo. I make my own wine and my husband (a police chief) is always teasing me about bootlegging. I showed him the photos and announced my carboy envy (Those giant glass jugs). He thought it was a great photo too. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully next time you will go home with more than a great shot.


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