Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Frog and .....!

“Of all the things that live,
   in woodland marsh, or bog;
That creep the ground or fly the air,
   the funniest thing a frog.”
                       Unknown Author

 It was such a beautiful, sunny evening. The air was warm; there was a little breeze to keep the bugs away, and the sky was clear.
 M and I decided to hike down the lane to check the cows, and stop to look at the pond. We have always enjoyed the pond.
 We walked armed with our cameras, a passion we share. There is always something beautiful to see on the farm.
 We pass the pumphouse, I play with the shadows. We admire the rocks placed by My Hero in just the right position making a beautiful place for all to enjoy.

 We check the cows; they are more interested in all this lush green grass. All the rain has provided a bountiful feast for them to enjoy daily. Some of them wonder why we are bothering them.
 M stays on the lane while I decide to hike through the bush. We will meet up at the pond. I follow a cowpath past flowering bushes, and flowering plants. It is a feast for my eyes as well as my sense of smell. The scent is overpowering, a sweet, and very pleasant aroma blowing in the wind.

 I see M already beside the pond; I guess she is quicker than I am. She is leaning over the pond, I wonder if she will fall in. The concentration on her face reminds me of when she was a child. I have seen this look before; she is on a mission. I ask her what she sees. She replies “A frog and some tadpoles.”  Growing up we had always called them poly wogs, I have no idea why, and I still refer to them as that.

 It seems this huge frog just sits there staring at her, a photographers delight.  The poly wogs were swimming all around it.
 I have to see this; I scramble to the other side of the pond. By the time I get there it is gone. I missed it. I borrowed these photos from M. You can see how Mr. Frog is looking at her so intently. Was he waiting for the elusive kiss to become her prince? We will never know.

 We play around in the water and take some more photos then head back to the house. I am flooded  with memories of a time long ago, the girls (M and K) would be running down the lane as fast as they could to see who could get to the pond first. I miss those days, but I take comfort in the fact they will hurry down the lane, trying to get to the pond first, every time they are both here. 

The sun is setting. Thanks M.



  1. What a wonderful walk, thanks for taking me along. Great photos.

  2. Your post today reminds me of growing up on the farm. There was always something new to discover. Your pictures are wonderful. I especially love the picture of the barn with the shadow on it. Thanks for sharing your lovely evening stroll.

  3. Has Susan's Froggie seen this? He might fall in love!!

  4. Dear B* I like the natural surrounding you live in... the warter stream, the frogs, wild flowers... you are gifted by the nature...

  5. so wonderful. i love how you share present and past memories straight from your heart to ours... :)

  6. Thank you for a wonderful stroll and for the imagery. Blessings.

  7. Oh I love this. I felt like I was there...and was so enraptured with it all I was ready to kiss that frog myself;)))

  8. Another BEAUTIFUL Post as always. M's frog picture's are truly awesome.

  9. cute. love that last shot though gorgeous

  10. Thanks for sharing your lovely evening stroll...
    as others have said "reminds me of growing up on the farm".

  11. That one brought back a lot of memories for me too. Good thing you had M there to capture your froggy (he is handsome enough to deserve a kiss) and share the evening.

    I'm curious as to how those huge rocks along the ditch were put in place. I know your part of the world has an abundance of large stones but what do you use to move it?

  12. I just love that kind of walk. Taking every little thing in. How refreshing for the soul. Thanks!

  13. delightful you narrate, i feel as though i am right there with you....the sunset is the perfect ending to the perfect day!!!

    i would have kissed that frog...just sayin'!!!

  14. I love this post. The memories you've shared are so nice - and can continue each time your girls visit.
    The photos are so sweet, of the froggie just staring back at M...

    As kids, we'd go to the local creek clutching our jars with string handles, to collect taddies (as we called them); bring them back home and watch them slowly change into frogs - real childhood fun!

    Ha ha, yes, Mary... my Froggie has packed his bags already - he's off to B's pond ;-)

  15. You are making me feel a bit guilty for not having gone down to our pond yet this spring. Pretty soon the cows will be down there and photo ops will be a little less "wild." :)

    Loved your walk to the pond. Thanks to you and M for making it memorable.

  16. Great pics and I love that frog. Very handsome.

  17. I love the wall of the first shot!!!!


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