Friday, June 3, 2011

Greener Pastures! (Photo Friday)

“There’s nothing very beautiful and
    nothing very gay
About the rush of faces in town by
But a light tan cow in a pale green
That is very beautiful, beautiful indeed.”
                        Orrick Johns

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Tonight was the night. We were excited.

The cows were lollygagging around unaware, they have been wishing for this day.

NDF’s pasture is ready.

I position myself in the middle of the green pasture field and wait.

No words were necessary. My Hero opens the gate.

They bolt towards me; I hold my camera steady, hoping not to get run over.

They seem to fly.

They were smiling. Can cows smile? At least I was, from ear to ear.

They settle in, some on the hill. “I’m the king of the castle.”

Now NDF has my fishbowl




  1. I love it!! When moving cows to fresh pastures I think they think " we hit the jackpot girls hurry before the humans close the gait!" Ha Ha I just love moos

  2. Love this post..and your awesome photo's!

  3. Oh, the happiness of new pasture! I think cows do's in their eyes.

  4. They are cute and bring much joy, but I wouldn't wanna be one.

  5. I get the same feeling when I let the chickens out -- they smile too! :)

  6. happy cows for sure!!!

    love the action shots!!!

  7. It is always so exciting when you can turn the cows out into a new pasture. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. What a happy herd, nice to have them closer. We wondered what all the commotion was about.


  9. Yup, I saw smiles. Big, bovine, beef smiles. That is a glorious grassy pasture. Too bad your fishbowl has moved, though.

  10. Ooh, I want a fishbowl like yours!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. LOVE it! It's so much fun to see cows get excited...looks like they'll be enjoying themselves for awhile on that lush grass!

  12. I love cows! Looks like your herd has some hereford and charlais in it.

  13. Wonderful post! The other day my daughter said she wanted to live on a farm when we leave the city, not cows but bunnies lol!

  14. Your cows are in seventh heaven by the looks on their faces!
    Perhaps something else might take their place in your fishbowl for a while? Birds? I'm sure you'll come up with something Buttons ;-)

  15. Yes, I reckon they can smile! Did you know that they read the paper too?
    Petal has lights in the crates for loading or unloading at night. One night he'd forgotten to switch them off and had gone down the road when someone called him up on the CB to tell him they were on and asked him why. He told them that they like to read the paper on a long trip so he left the lights on for them! haha! I thought that was very clever!!

  16. Dear B* how nice if I can be there at your farm! so I can hug all of them... for me cows are just big part of my life as i can't live without drinking milk! I love them....

  17. Beautiful herd. They look very content!


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