Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Think My Mother Invented G.P.S.!

 “Memory, no less than hope,
  owes its charm to the far away.”
                                Edward Bulwer Lytton

 I find myself lately going for trips down “Memory Lane”, I shake my head in amazement at the skills my Mother had going for her.
 One day long, long ago my brother T (the one that was always getting me into trouble) and I decided we should play hooky. I loved school, but somehow he always talked me into these things.
 We left the house as usual with our brothers, and sisters. When we came to the corner T says he forgot his books I went with him (or so they thought) to get them. We told them we would catch up. As soon as they were out of sight, we ducked into our hiding spot.
 This was under Mrs. C’s big front porch; the bottom was surrounded by lattice. There was a hole just big enough for two pint sized hooligans to fit through.
 Well this was not a well laid out plan, I should have guessed this from all the other plans that had always went awry. I was so bored and was missing my friends; I was getting thirsty and was just about to leave when….
 I see my Mother rounding this corner. We were not the smartest delinquents; we were only three houses down from our house. My Mother walks right up to the hole and starts calling our names. I was not going to answer but I am sure the crying gave us away. We had been there less than an hour.
 We climbed out of that dirty old hole, we were marched back home by the ear, and there was spanking involved. Next we were walked back to school.
 I never did thank Mr.W., the principle, for caring so much about our welfare that he phoned our Mom. Thank you.
 I learned two things that day: you cannot, no matter how hard you try, hide from your Mother; and never listen to your brother.
 Funny how life turns around; now I could use this instinctive GPS  to track her down, when I take her shopping, or when I phone her house and there is no answer.



  1. This is priceless! Such a delightfully told tale and yet, so full of wisdom at the same time...thank you for sharing this and I'm sure Mothers the world over can identify :)

  2. I've always been that way. I can always tell when something isn't quite right. My husband is constantly amazed by it. :)

  3. Very funny!---sounds like your capers turned out like all of mine did. It's not nice to try to fool momma.

  4. I KNOW my mom knew exactly what I was planning before I ever got to's that Mom radar!

  5. Yep, Moms have that sixth sense! Loved the story!

  6. You little rascal you -he, he, he! I was never that adventurous growing up mainly because I didn't want to make my mother mad or disappoint her in any way. But she had that six sense to know when things were not right. I'm not a mother, but I think it's a women's thing. Very lovely posting :-).

  7. Ya don't mess with a Mamma...they just know everything, don't we? Your story reminds me of my lil' brother, playing hooky so many times. Mom always knew and finally by lunch time, she'd see him scurry from the sheds to the barn, to the garden, to the water hose, but never stepping into the house til the schoolbus passed after 4 pm. Funny recall.
    Thanks Button, for the great entry.

  8. My mom was the same way when I was growing up! If I ever cut school, she knew about it AND knew where we had gone! I can only hope I have that same gift when my kids get older:)

  9. Moms seem to have that sense of kids and trouble. They will find you out everytime so you might as well be honest. Love the story. Thanks for sharing

  10. You cannot hide form you mother, and never listen to your brother...

    If only we understood this earlier on, childhood would have had a much pleasanter backside! ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. So...what did he say you were going to do after you ditched school and sat for an hour under the porch? We never think to ask these things when we are led astray by that older sibling.

    Good thing the Mom G.P.S. is an inherited trait. You should thank your mom and then she should thank you.

  12. Haha! Buttons, my kids always said that I had eyes in the back of my head! Maa.

  13. radar!!!!

    i have learned that cutting school is only fun when you have a drivers license and never, not ever, listen to your brother ;)

  14. Yes - priceless memory. Moms do have some kind of radar don't they.

  15. I so enjoyed your story Button...thanks for posting. I played hooky from class once. I was in the 4th grade so about 9. My best friend and I decided that we would both play sick about 30 minutes apart. There was a place where they sent sick kids to lay down. Wendy went first, followed by me 30 minutes later. We figured that we could visit while laying on the beds. There we were enjoying a good visit when the principal sent me home. Wendy stayed in the sick bed most of the day. Because I walked to school for that school year, I was allowed to walk home. Of course my Mom could tell I was not sick. She didn't tell the teacher, so I got away with it. I was disappointed that Wendy and I didn't get to visit all day!!

  16. A great reminisce. Oh, the pictures you paint of a couple of little rascals - so lovable :D)


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