Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The "In Between!"

 "Truly one thing is sweet
of things beneath the sun;
This, that a man should earn his bread and eat
Rejoicing in his work which he hath done."
                            Josephine Preston Peabody

 It is 6:00 A.M. I jump out of bed. Instead of grabbing a coffee and head for the computer, I grab my shoes and head outside.
 The fog is settling on the ground. It is very magical. I am so happy to be here surrounded by this beauty. 
Freshly worked field.

 I have been so busy. I have not had one moment to myself. I forgot about the important stuff.
There is so much to do this time of year. Tending the garden, yard work, fixing broken machinery to get ready for the upcoming busy season. Haying has not even started yet and  I seem to find little time now. Work, work, and more work.
 I am going to change my morning routine to enjoy these precious moments.
 The "In Between" will get done, it always does. Everything does not have to revolve around work all the time.
 I will work hard at the "In Between" and do what I have to do but I will take time for myself and not forget what is truly important.
 I sit here on my porch, after a long day, my muscles aching, and  longing for sleep, and enjoy the end of  my "In Between". This is what it is all about.



  1. Absolutely beautiful B! It IS so busy right now, even for my numerous little chores, I can't imagine everything you have on your list but enjoying the little things with gratitude keeps it all in line.

    Lovely my dear!

  2. The pictures are beautiful. I especially love the sunset.

  3. Yes, the busy season! Hay is being cut, while hoping it dries just right. The heat is miserable here.

  4. Thank you for the reminder. Why do we do this to ourselves? We all are so wrapped up in the business of life we forget to stop and enjoy it.

  5. beautiful pictures. i know the feeling. early morning, late nights and that go, go feeling... have a wonderful week!

  6. Remembering what is truly important....

    Since I retired I have trained myself to see the beauty and wonder all around me. Such a shame that "work" always got in the way before.

  7. That is a great thought to remember and such beautiful surroundings! I have one of those busy days ahead of me, but I am going to be looking for beauty as I go my way.

  8. Thanks for reminding us to enjoy the 'in between'. I've missed many of them, but I'll get better. Beautiful pics as usual :-)

  9. You are so wise to prioritize those early morning hours with the very important...self time. The best time of day belongs to the early riser. This is when the light and weather are best. You only have to share the day with the wild creatures on their way home and those pesky joggers and the weirdos, like me, on bicycles.

    Hope the rest of your day goes well. Hang in there with the crops, the critters and the garden.

  10. beautiful captures they feel so calm

  11. Absolutely. The "in betweens". The little things that make up the whole of our lives......

  12. Gorgeous photos, Buttons!

  13. Dear B* what a gorgeous scenery you have "aurora" sun rise... the morning dew.. ya all these give peace of mind

  14. totally worth getting up for!

  15. Beautiful. So beautiful! The foggy mist just grabs better scene in the morning when all is calm and still!

  16. My favorite times of day - sunrise and sunset.

  17. i love the quiet mornings, before the world awakens...

    LOVED that second fog photo, glorious!!!!

  18. Thanks for the remiinder to take time for oneself. I consider checking on my friends on FB, my time. It helps me sit for a period of time and puts a smile on my face when I can communicate with others.

    Hugs for you Button!

  19. Love the fact you did this first before anything else!

    I always take the dogs out first, feed the cats, then if there's something outside I need to see again, I'll do the same thing!

    Beautiful photos.

  20. So gorgeous!
    I like to run outside with the dogs before my coffee, too.

  21. Lately I've been getting up before the sun. I go outside and sit quietly on my verandah and listen to all the birds waking. Of course living in the country, makes it so worth while. Maa

  22. The sights that are there to be seen early in the morning are amazing.
    Those photos are just fabulous Buttons.
    Just sitting watching the sun go down - bliss :D)


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