Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Task Down! Next!

“A scarecrow in a garden of cucumbers keepth nothing.”

                                      The Apocrypha

 The ramp is done. It looks great and now we will able to start haying. Well maybe, the temperature has cooled down, and the forecast is calling for rain. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. If the weather cooperates it will go smoothly. If not it will make for frustration.

 With that task done, I move on to the next one. Since My Hero had chipped all the rotten wood under the ramp on to, and near my garden I thought I would take advantage of it.
 I put the mulch one shovel full at a time around every cucumber, and squash hill. I then put it between every row. My hope is that it will keep the weeds down, and the moisture in.

 I am not too sure about my garden this year. I have a problem. It seems blackbirds love bean tops. I go out every morning and see my garden full of these little flying, eating machines. I have no tops on most of my beans and am wondering if the seeds I planted are delayed due to weather, or just became their feed.
 I had tied bags, and old aluminium pie plates on my tomato cages; someone told me the noise would scare the birds.
 Apparently the birds did not get that memo.

 Everything is starting to grow very well. My tomatoes, kale, peppers, squashes, and cucumbers look great. I have no carrots coming up, and now very few beans. I guess they do not like leek, as they are all still here. So much work, it is making me mad.

I had to come up with a better plan. My time was limited, as there is so much to do. This is what I came up with.

 What do you think? Scary enough?

Hope The Apocrypha was wrong.



  1. Barn bridge looks good. Like the scare crow :).

  2. I hate it when the darn starlings eat my beans! Seems like when they don't get a good rain and come up with the little bean "hats" they get eaten. I just soak them and replant. Your garden looks good Buttons! I like the scarecrow too. Move him around and maybe they will think he's alive!

  3. ...didn't get the memo... Haha! Love that line.

    I think your scarecrow looks fairly scary -- hope it works!

  4. it scared me! :)

    glad the ramp is finished - and it looks great!

  5. I've read that hanging used cds in the garden will help. I guess they move with the wind and the shiny reflections scare the birds.

  6. Wow, a backhoe a dump wagon AND a wood chipper...you're ready for anything. Hope the wood chips help your garden. Hope that scary scarecrow helps too. Maybe you need to send those birds another email.

    The robins in our neighborhood have a long running tradition of stripping our cherry tree before the fruit ever gets ripe. We've given up trying to save anything for ourselves and just call the tree a giant bird feeder. >:(

  7. Wow, the ramp is excellent. You guys are HARD workers. The "scarecrow" reminds me of those soul suckers from Harry Potter. Hope it works. Good grief...If they aren't flying in from above they are waddling in from below. I know if I had to live only on the food I grew I would be long dead of starvation.

  8. I tried the CD thing, all I managed to do was blind myself! ;)

    The hoodie scarecrow would scare ME!

  9. That IS scary! lol Seriously!

  10. woah, the ramp looks great! you guys are fast too! the hoodie kind of looks like some slacker kid. that can be scary.

  11. Good ramping there!
    OOh those blackbirds can be so naughty... don't blame you for feeling mad at them. A vegie garden takes a lot of work doesn't it.
    The mulch looks nice around the seedlings - every bit helps.

    Your scarecrow looks good... those arms should flap in the breeze too. It'll be interesting to know whether it helped. All the best :D)

    p.s. had to add something else... the verification word is 'terst'. I'm thinking that's how you felt about the blackbirds - very terst ;-)

  12. well i would crap in my pants at twilight if i rounded the barn corner and forgot that i placed the scarecrow there...

    hardware cloth, small squares, make an arch over the plants...i live by the stuff and am waiting for the day when we get struck by lightening by all the hardware cloth all over lol


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