Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Purge! (On my Mind)

“In the dim backround of our mind,
we know what we ought to be doing
but somehow we cannot start.”
                      William James

We all do this; we procrastinate until we can no longer put the deed off.
 We have a man coming this week do an energy audit on our house. He needed access to our attic. No problem.
 OK, problem. The only access to our attic is through our bedroom closet. Yikes! I have been putting this job off for years and that is not an exaggeration. I was quite comfortable wearing the same clothes all the time, not searching through the rest. I would always wash, and fold then place these clothes on top. Over, and over again.
 Now I had no choice; I jumped in with both feet. I emptied the closet out, completely covering the bed, and the floor. This was a great plan; no backing out now, I knew we had to sleep there tonight.
 As I sort through these seventies, eighties, and nineties clothes, I am reminded how much my body, and my tastes have changed. I have a pair of jeans I wore 10 years ago, I love those jeans they are out of style but I always thought I looked good in them. I will fit in them again (wish jeans) someday, and they will be back in style (Who am I kidding?). I have belts that would fit a dog as a collar. I look down, (dream on).
 I have many blazers; are they back in style?
 I have so many sweatshirts; I have no idea where they came from.
 Oh I really have to keep this, "I remember when I wore it to that graduation, wedding, and that other special day." Excuses, excuses. This is harder than I thought.
 I have a rubber maid container with winter clothes in it. I had not even looked at these for two years, crazy; I guess I really did not miss them.
 This project took me the better part of a day. I was ruthless. In the end I had emptied the closet and all the dresser drawers. I bagged up six large garbage bags full of shoes, winter coats, pants, accessories, blazers, and sweatshirts. My closet is diminished; my drawers have lots of empty space now. I am very pleased.
 I load all these bags in my truck, and immediately took them to a thrift store that donates their profits to an abused women's shelter. I did this quickly so not to be tempted to open the bags up.
The feeling of freedom from this simple act was incredible, I no longer have to worry about what to wear as I only have so many things now. I can go in my closet see exactly what I want and put it on. No use worrying if it fits or not, I will know it does. No decisions.
 Oh I did still keep my wish jeans, you never know. 
               Freedom; Yeah!
 I made a pact with myself not to go to any more thrift stores and buy clothes. We will see how long that lasts. It took all my strength to not run, and buy back one of my favourite blazers. I am sure it looks smashing on someone else. How many blazers do you really need?



  1. I so enjoyed this marvellous post! I think cupboards are probably high on many folks' lists. We can shove things in there and forget about them! So, I admit to having put off doing my own drawers and cupboard for quite some time! Guess what? You've motivated me to do the same. Haul everything out and be done before nightfall ;)

  2. Well your house sounds like my house. I have to clean out the closet to get to the attic and we are moving! But we're moving slowly, a little bit at a time, while we build our house. I've been doing the exact same thing. Going through lots of old clothes. What a job. I tend to 'save' nicer clothes to wear at 'special' events, not every day. And they all end up not fitting just the same, only the nicer clothes are still nice when they must go. So I'm going to start wearing nicer clothes more often. Still jeans...but just nicer ones!

    Cindy Bee

  3. SPRING CLEANING!!! I can't stand being inside since it finally stopped raining.
    Thank you for the warm well wishes for my family and the great comments you posted on my blog. Thanks for reading my crazy bloggles.
    God bless

  4. OMG....I am sending this to my to my wife to read. She has got so much stuff piled up from our move! We have a smaller home than we had in Texas, and she needs to actually make hard decisions about what to keep. Thank you for posting.

  5. I cleaned out all my closets and cabinets before the yard sale last week. The clothes went to a shelter and the junk was sold. What was left was donated to Goodwill. We've only lived here three years and I was amazed at the amount of clothes I didn't even wear last year.

  6. Cleaning out is such a freeing feeling...and knowing you can help someone else with your excess makes it even better.

    I always want to reply to your comments on my blog but you use noreply comment so, just know, I read and I enjoy each comment you leave. Thanks.

  7. What have I been procrastinating? Exactly this. I was even thinking about it this morning as I was putting the dog outside and ordering my day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. this was greatness! i love that you kept your wish jeans, tho! :)

  9. Sounds like I have been procrastinating some of the same things as you...I have the hardest time letting go of old clothes...drives my wife crazy.:)

  10. Isn't it liberating to get rid of the old and keep what is for the now!

  11. What aren't I putting off? So sad, really.

    I came in from mowing to take a blog break -- now I need to weed the lilies. Not my favorite job. Then, I need to clean house for the 4th of July party. Again, not my favorite thang.

  12. I need to do the same. Why do I put this off?

  13. Oh Buttons, your post must touch every one of us ;-)
    I admire your strength in taking it all straight away to the thrift shop. That's where I fail miserably. I sew bears out of recycled material - I can see bears in just about everything, so when I have a cleanout, things go from the wardrobe to the bear bags which are now overflowing. I shall read your post a few more times and then start making some decisions. Thanks B!

  14. WISH jeans....boy do i have lot's of those!!!!

    why can't we just be content with NOW jeans!!!!

  15. Funny you should post this as I had to empty my spare bedroom closet today so the AC dude could get into the attic and replace our allergy filter today. ACK! I use it for out of season clothes and yikes it is just too full.

  16. I haven't had much of a chance to do this for years as eldest daughter has nabbed most of the clothes that don't fit me as she is the same size I was before I had her. She wears my late 1970's and the 1980's jakcets (blazers) to Uni and her classmates say "Where did you buy that, I'd like one," as they are tailored and lined, and to buy a retro is expensive. Then they moan that they wished their mum's had been hoarders too :).

  17. Congratulations on a mission accomplished!
    I started giving my school flat a good, thorough cleanup. I never get to it during the term, and if I didn't do it now, I would never do it. It's already beginning to look much better.
    Off to wash the other window, while there's still light.

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