Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Real Deal about My Break!

 “Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I
      myself am good-fortune,
Henceforth I whimper no more, post-
      pone no more, need nothing,
Done with indoor complaints, libraries,
      querulous criticisms,
Strong and content I travel the open

                    Walt Whitman

Someone left this behind.
 My photo op.

When I decided to take my so-called break, I thought I would be extremely busy. I thought since both my girls are down for a couple of weeks, and it is haying time, I would not be able to think about writing.
 Well the weather has not co-operated, we have not even started haying. It is cooler than normal and the rain pops up every time My Hero even thinks of cutting. Since I am the bale person, my job depends on the cutting person. We need a couple of good hot, dry weeks to get all our acres cut, dried, and baled.
 I cannot wait to get my hands and clothes covered in grease. My Hero laughs. I cannot for the life of me load a grease gun. My Hero puts a new tube of grease in five (yes that is what I said) grease guns, when I use them up he reloads. I panic when I find them empty.

Not ours. No rain for this farmer.

 The baler and the rake take lots of tubes of blue grease. Every morning when I am going to bale, I take my time and make sure not to miss any of the grease fittings on the baler, or the rake. You can never have too much grease. My Father in law used to say, “Grease is cheaper than a break down.” He was right.

 My Hero greases the disc-bine that is his department. Thank goodness I think it has a hundred grease fittings (I may be exaggerating just a little). Some of these grease fittings are very hard to get at. This greasing job has to happen every time you use the machines. Everyday, every time.
 I cannot wait to start baling so we can get done, yet I am secretly happy the weather is not co-operating as I get to go on day trips with my girls. We go to out of the way, obscure places no one knows, or seems to care about. One woman yesterday said, “Why would you go there?” Our answer “Why not?”
 There is always some thing to see and enjoy. We will see the ordinary but also the quirky side of life. We laugh, sing, and the girls complain about my driving. I love this.
 So in conclusion I will not be taking a break at this time, my girls like to sleep in, leaving my mornings free. The weather says rain today, again. I have much to share.

Bossy and yet to be named heifer.

 My Bossy cow just had her calf, and I have seen many amazing things on our road trips.
 I hope you don’t mind. Haying will start soon enough.



  1. I just love that calf! Our Little Miss is looking for one to show this season, hopefully we will find her one. We are doing are hay right now, then the cows get moved. Good times. Have a great day!

  2. We get that ALL THE TIME! I spend a good bit of time researching little known facts within a 4 hour drive from us just in case we "catch a wild hair" and decide to take a couple days away. Thats how I found out about Stumphouse Tunnel - part of the Confederate Railround. And then we have those trips where we jump in the car and just drive the back roads. There is SO MUCH to see even close around to where we live that aren't part of the "normal" travel traps. Enjoy the time with the girls - sounds GREAT to me!

  3. oh, i'm loving the descriptions of your girl time. wonderful!!! haying will start when it starts i guess. in the meantime, we're glad to have you!!!

    sweet little calf!

  4. Enjoy the fun times, you can make hay when the sun shines.

  5. The out of the way or as we call them "off the beaten path" places are the most fun to visit. We love finding an old winding two lane road and venturing down it to see what sights we can see.

    I was raised on the farm and know well how it is once haying season starts. Hope you get the good hot dry weather you need.

  6. I've a proper appreciation of all the work involved in hay cutting and baling now.

    Nice that you and the girls get to share some lovely day trips to wherever. It's fun to just go 'where the car takes you'... that's what we say when we have no definite plan on where to go ;-)

    Until the rain stops, we get to share your company again :D)

    Love the new calf.

  7. Such a sweet photo of the mama cow and her calf. Sounds like some fun girl time you had!

  8. It seems there are always so many hidden details in doing things that other know nothing about. I've never bailed hay. I know nothing about it, except that it looks beautiful all rolled up on those fields when I go somewhere involving a country drive! Good luck with it. I know exactly how you feel about this weather. Our yard where we are building the house is a mud bog most of the time. It'll dry up just in time for the next rain. Not to worry, we'll be in a drought soon!
    Cindy Bee

  9. I like your attitude---LIFE IS GOOD!

  10. So glad you decided to share. Enjoy those girls and that grease... We'll take what we can get!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. I hope you're blessed with consecutive days of hot, dry weather for haying. When we lived on the farm, my MIL loved to bale hay. Being asthmatic, I stayed away from it.
    Beautiful photos......Denise

  12. The first of June we bale hay here! I have so many lovely memories of throwing hay bales off the wagon, of riding on top of the bales piled high on the wagon with my uncle! And the smell of cut alfalfa is a pleasure I will always miss! Even if it is fescue we cut it still smells wonderful. I see you do the big round bales. I love seeing those in the field.

  13. wonderful girl time, what would we do without it!!!

    it's funny, most people need rain, we always hope for it when we are not getting any. i did not realize some situations require/depend on no rain!!!

    i always learn something new here.

    beautiful calf!!!!

  14. What a beautiful hummie! I hope you soon have sunshine to get all your hay in...but have fun with your girls in the meantime!

  15. I'm so glad you've had time to check in and share, although I'm sorry you've had to put off haying when you're all primed and greased for the job. The new baby is a beauty and having daughters to laugh with is always a joy.

    I do know what you mean about grease guns. Been there and have come away with almost more on me than in the machine. But new grease does feel good between the fingers.

  16. Well, they say make hay while the sun shines -- makes sense, from your description. :)

    Have fun with your girls.

  17. what a cute little calf! i love how she's lined up there next to mama.

  18. I do not envy you haying. Somehow I scared my father enough with my tractor driving to avoid that part of farm life. I'm glad you are still here I love your blog. You calf is a beauty. I'm glad you get to spend time with your girls they will remember it forever.


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