Monday, June 6, 2011

Scrap For Scrap!

“Mankind, a future life must have
to balance life’s unequal lot.”
               Sir Richard Francis Burton

Enjoying farming is all about balancing the work, and the play. (Buttons)

  The phone rings I answer. It is my company from the big city “We are sorry we will not be able to make it.” I was disappointed and hope A is feeling better soon.
 It is Saturday morning and I jump out of bed. My Hero has had his breakfast so I throw a couple of yogourt and pears in a bag, I pour two cups of tea in travel mugs, and off we go. No use wasting a sunny day.
 First, to another scrap dealer. My Hero is going to buy some guardrails to build a corral. Trading last week’s money, for this weeks scrap. Scrap for scrap.

 This place is deep in the North Country. It is a beautiful drive. I was so glad I came. We arrive and I immediately jump out to take some photos. There is a lot to see. It always amazes me no matter where you go there is always incredible beauty, if you are paying attention.

 My Hero loads the bounty, while I roam the yard. Now I am very happy I came. All these piles of scrap surrounded by flowers, trees, and farmer’s fields. Just beautiful!

 We pay the man the cash we made last week, and off we go. We are off to the tractor dealer to pick up a new lawn tractor belt. Someone (OK me) snapped our other one in half when she hit a rock, cutting the lawn. OOPS!  There goes the rest of the scrap money. “Easy come, easy go.”

 Home to unload the scrap, I run in the house and make a couple of tuna sandwiches and off we go again.
 We are heading to an auction to look at something My Hero is interested in. It is 9:30. It is starting to rain. I love rainy days with My Hero.



  1. Very interesting day. Swapped some stuff out and improved your lot and got to spend quality time with your hero. There is beauty all around us if we would just take a minute here and there to recognize it.

  2. sounds like an on-the-go day, but a happy one. :)

  3. I love how you seem to adapt to each switch in a situation(s). From cancelled visits, to lawn mower breaks, to rainy are someone I wish I could become. I am not a flexible farm wife and seem to buck every turn.
    Thanks for this meant more to me than you probably realize. I wish I could be as supportive and loving with my farmer man.

  4. Love that rolly road. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  5. Clint it was a great day. B

    Gail I did. B

    Texwisgirl It was a crazy fun day. B

    wayside wanderer it was a very cool road long , high and cool. B

  6. Dawn. Oh it took me many years to be the person I am today. I find it easier not to fight all that can go wrong a long time ago.
    I try to be a supportive farmer wife but that takes practice too.
    I love going with My Hero, sometimes he goes alone and sometimes I go do my own thing. Over the years we realize we have different interests but like spending time together so we compromise. I go off and do my thing and he stays here on the farm and does his. I help him so we can do something together later or not. It makes both of us happy. Don't worry you will figure it out in time. Take care B.

  7. your "hero"...that is just so romantic. :o)

    i love attending auctions. always seem to walk away to something other then planned though.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day with your Hero.

  9. You and your hero make a great team. The rhythm of a couple in tune is sweet to the ears :D)

  10. Just got back from a weekend on my sister's "farm"....her small property of only 4 acres in B.C. ....
    Petted me some horses, some cats...the neighbour's goats and dogs...scooped some poop... helped out with the feeding and moving stuff around... did what I could (ribs are still bad) ...and then..... came home to the big city. Pretty happily.
    Farming is not the life for me...although, I've lived on farms in the past... and, still do love to go there to visit...... and work right along with what needs accomplishing on any day.... and play with the animals..., ('course, I am getting older) I would just as soon play in my gardens..mow a big lawn...and go golfing I guess. I suppose it's a good thing we don't all like the same things.....
    Love how you find beauty in every day surroundings.... as I do. Observance....that's the key isn't it? And...of course, being able to enjoy the little things in life.


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