Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sense of Security Restored!

“Drinking plus stupid ideas equals sometimes horrible consequences.”


 Yes lessons are sometimes learned the hard way. A mans right of passage can sometimes lead down a very bumpy road.
 You get together with a bunch of your buddies; drink some beer, or whatever. You are smart enough to have a designated driver who was not drinking. While cruising around drinking someone comes up with what sounds like a great idea. You are bored, and drunk so you think this will be fun. He has heard about a haunted house, they should go check it out. You have no idea where it is, or where you are, so you jump out of the car to go find it. It is dark, and the mosquitoes are bad. Sounds like fun so far.
 Some of you get hopelessly lost in the bush for who knows how long. Some of your buddies have no idea where you went. They sit in the car and wait.
 You jump a few fences and come to what looks like a real road. You follow it for what seems like miles. You come to a gate near a barn you hop over. “Yeah almost to civilization.” You hop the next gate together.
 The gate collapses, a farmer runs out of his house yelling, he sees drunken men in his yard. One takes off, the other to drunk to care. His wife meanwhile is talking to the police.
 You are taken away in handcuffs. Your buddies are found.
 This could have turned out so much worse. At least you picked the right farmhouse with a cool headed man confronting you.
 We will not be pressing charges. We have fixed the gate, I am sure your parents will never let you forget this fun adventure.
 Don’t drink and drive, or go looking for a house that I know for a fact is not haunted.



  1. oh, i'm very glad it was just an antic and that they were not actually out to rob anyone... whew!

  2. Alcohol seems to be such a wonderful potion, especially when consumed in copious quantities. It seems to induce highly creative notions and leads to high adventure, which somehow always ends up in.......jail.

    Sleep well tonight!

  3. you have a very kind heart!!

    somehow i am sure they learned their lesson, at least i hope so!!!

  4. Well, I'm sure they've learned their lesson and will not forget this day!

  5. yes indeed.... very lucky not to have ended up in my brother's yard. He is on a property...and there are guns....and well,... intruders and predators.... all the same thing to people who live on property out in the middle of nowhere. If no immediate response is forthcoming when questioned.... it's pretty much shoot first to protect oneself....even in Canada.

  6. They found the WRONG kind of haunts--the kind with cell phones and guns. Good thing you and your farmer had much more sense than they did.

  7. AH OH! And Alcohol doesn't make you stupid - you still are free to be stupid though.

  8. Oh no! I missed yesterday's post...I hope they learned their lesson!!

  9. So glad that was all it was and it worked out. That really unnerved me when I read it yesterday but I couldn't post a comment. I prayed for you instead. :)

  10. Ditto, what farmgirl said in comment above...I was worried for you!!!

  11. Sounds like to need to dispel some rumors about a haunted house.

  12. Glad everything has turned out ok.
    Thank God for a broken gate. Maa

  13. Oh, good! So glad it was stupidity and not anything worse. Bless you for being merciful!

  14. Some learn the hard way, some more than others. I'd say they were pretty fortunate.

  15. Was so glad for everyone concerned that it wasn't criminal intent - just youthful stupidity.
    It'll be a story that will 'haunt' them!!
    You're both very understanding people, if those boys don't appreciate that fact now - they will as they look back on it through mature eyes (at least, I hope so).

  16. And people say that they wish they could re-live their youth. I would never want to relive it. Age and treachry over youth and vigor any day. Glad they meant no harm. Dumb kids.

  17. The things people do when under the influence. Bet it frightened the life out of the property owners. Let's hope they have learned their lesson and do not boast about it in the future.

  18. So glad no one got seriously hurt. Sounds like 20 year olds 'having fun', and not realizing what kind of trouble they could have gotten into.

    Cindy Bee

  19. Glad it was something so non-malicious! Sleep well...

    Blessings, Debbie


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