Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Shoe Tree!

          “The life to be
          Is still the unguessed mystery:
          Unscaled, unpierced the cloudy walls remain
          We beat with dream and wish the
          Soundless doors in vain.”
                   John Greenleaf Whittier


 A few months back Heritage Farmgirl and I were discussing strange sightings and stories. She was commenting on something she had driven by on one of  her travels. These photos are for her. You are missed. I hope you still have access to the internet.
  This is a very strange sight indeed. I would love to know the story; alas no one was around.
  As I stood there with my girls sadness overwhelmed me, I have no idea why. I was in total awe of what was going on here. I am not sure if I was sad for the shoes, the tree, or for what it symbolized. Silly, since I did not know what that was.
 There must have been a huge windstorm in the area that had snapped the top off. That would explain the scattered shoes lying in the weeds, and poison ivy (no close-ups).

 There were children, teenagers, and adult shoes nailed to this tree. The bulk appeared to be running shoes; this makes me think it was started by, or for a teenager.
 What is the story?
 This is cottage country so it may have been started as a memorial for an accident victim, it is located on a very busy highway. It may have been started by a couple of bored vacationing school kids. The story spread, and spread. The legend took hold.
 I think by the look of the moss- covered shoes, it has been a legend for many, many years.
 We may never know; it reminds me of  the door  in the field.
 Not all mysteries should be solved. They should be used to stimulate our imaginations and live on.



  1. That is an odd siting and you are right - it does hanker for a story to be told. I think it would make a GREAT middle school writing assignment... "Tell the story from you perspective".

  2. You are so right---many mysteries should never be explained.

  3. Amazing. I once saw a pair of shoes hanging from a high power line that crossed the road on my way to work. How they got there? They were over the middle of a busy 4 lane highway! Hanging by the laces they had to have been thrown. They hung there for months.

  4. I just read a novel where a couple would tie one each of their shoes together to represent their relationship. Through the years, it became a tradition and there were many pairs hanging from the tree limbs.

    These feels almost like a memorial tree to me.

  5. love the shoe tree. We've got mountains of running shoes at our place that could make an impressive one of our own.

  6. they almost look like little skulls hung there. i hope it is a good tradition and not one of sadness...

  7. Interesting that you felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. I'd say that is the clue to what lies behind this rather strange landmark.

  8. Interesting! Reminds me when I was a kid there was one cowboy boot that hung on a fencepost, we would always see it on the way to our grandparents house - I always wondered how it got there and why! Interestingly enough now my husband and I farm that same ground, his family had for years and they never knew how it got there either!

    @Mary - the shoes tied together over a high wire is a sign to drug users that there is a drug dealer in that area - heard that from a county sherriff - have no idea if that is really true but have seen the shoes like that in several weird places!

  9. that is so strange! never saw anything like that before...probably a bunch of kids having some fun...

  10. I can honestly say, I have never seen anything like that until now, wow!

  11. I think you are right... The mystery itself is the strange beauty of the shoe tree.

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. some mysteries should remain a mystery!!!

    it seems it is a memorial tree but that's just a guess!!!

  13. There are several "shoe trees" around. I think people just like to be a part of whatever is going on, even if they have to walk away barefoot. Then there's the used gum wall in Seattle...

  14. Whatever, why ever, whoever, whenever, I, for some reason, really LIKE it. I actually want to start one. I love blogging.

  15. We have a little cave in a recess on the side of a mountain pass. Many years ago someone placed a sign there with 'POOH BEARS HOUSE' written on it. Over time people would stop and leave items like food (honey, chocolate etc) and toys near the entrance. Hopefully one day I'll go past that way and take some photos. Interesting how someone can start a trend like this. Maa.

  16. I too wonder about the shoe tree.

    I love the Pooh Bears House that Maa mentions :D)

  17. Just outside of a town we drove past one time... can't exactly remember where now....there are men's baseball type caps nailed to each fence post for at least a mile. Not sure what that was all about....

  18. us humans are a strange lot - arent we? If it brought comfort, then its good ; if its a reminder, then its good : if it brings curiosity...its even better!


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