Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Traveller!

 "Happiness is a way of travel,
not a destination."
                       Roy Goodman

 I was boiling a pot of pasta, and sauteing  some onions, and veggies in a pan when I glance out my front window.
 I grab my camera, my shoes, and run as fast as I could. I take some photos but I could not catch them. I guess eight legs, run much faster than two.

 I then remember I forgot to turn the stove off so I run back to the house.
  Not two minutes after I get into the house to tend to my boiling over pasta, and my overdone veggies, it starts to pour rain.

 I probably would have kept running to catch up with this travelling man. I would have loved listening to his story, while I was taking  photos, I would not have minded standing in the rain, but I would not want to burn my house down.
 OK who am I kidding? I probably never would have caught up, but a girl’s got to dream.
 I could see, and hear the man talking on his cell phone from the back, he was oblivious to me running behind. Isn’t it funny how two inventions from different centuries, can work, hand and hand?

   A missed opportunity I will not soon forget. Now my head is full of unanswered questions.
   Maybe I should start training with Derrick, so I will not miss that next adventure story.



  1. Just think of the wonderful treasure of blogging material you'd have if you could travel in that covered wagon for a week!

  2. Hah. I saw the full moon out there this morning at 4:30 and would have had to change lenses to capture it right -- I was too tired and figured.. it will be there tomorrow! :)

  3. too funny! i wonder if that is the same man and buggy that came through indiana last summer??? now i have questions.

  4. Cracks me up that he was on his cell phone. We live in some interesting times. I envy you your cloudy skies and rain!

  5. I would have ran after that wagon too! And I would have forgotten about the stove. Without a doubt. :)

  6. C'mon now..what's a small fire in the face of blog fodder? ;)

    I'd love to know what on Earth..a cell and covered wagon!

  7. i love those skies you were able to catch (even if you couldn't catch the wagon!) can you tell we are thirsty for rain here?

  8. love this post it is so somethign I would have done as well

  9. Oh I LOVE this!!! SO glad you left the pot to boil:) A blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do;))
    (Today on my way to swimming I stopped on the side of the road, thrashed my way through ditch grass and kazillions of take pictures of falling down old buildings because the sun was hitting them perfectly. Jeesh! We should get paid for this kind of work;);)
    Have a wonderful day:))
    LOVE your photos!!!!

  10. sweet! i love things like that!!

  11. You mulitasker you. Neat photos anyway.

  12. i am often chasing a photo op, we are all one of a kind.

    i picked up a tick doing what dawn did....gotta be careful in those overgrown spots!!!!

  13. What great pictures!

    It's only a matter of time before I burn the house down or get struck by lightning while I'm trying to get a picture.

  14. Hehe. A true blogger. I'm glad you thought of your followers and ran for those photos. But I'm also glad you didn't burn your house down. It seems like the opportunities we miss are the ones we remember most.

  15. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  16. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I switched urls, you if you want to keep reading you'll have to follow me at Hope you're having a great week. That is a wonderful covered wagon!

  17. yeah you look at your pics and you start to wonder, where does he go and where did he came from.... woudn't mind traveling like that for a couple of weeks!

    did you pasta turn out ok???


  18. Neat aure would be fun to hear his stories@

  19. oops! I was falling asleep as I typed and hit the wrong keys...Guess I'd better get off to bed!

  20. Don't be too mad at yourself. The mystery of who he was, where he was going, what he was doing, and why he was doing it keeps the imagination working. Glad you didn't burn down the house. Thanks for making my mind work. I'm making up a story as I write this.

  21. Very cool! Would have been a good start in your training for the snowshoe race that you PROMISED you're running next winter!

  22. Those photos are perfect, even without the story...because the story is right there in the mystery!

    Sorry about the casuality of the veggies, but darn those photos were worth it!!!!


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