Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy !!!

“When a woman like whom I’ve seen so much
All of a sudden drops out of touch,
Is always busy and never can
Spare you a moment, it means a man.”

                  Alice Duer Miller

(Or she may be a farmer, or married to one) B

 It is Wednesday morning; I have just dropped K, and friend off at the bus station. I am rushing as I left M home with the window guys. Yes, we are finally replacing our 27 year old windows, these new ones should last till I know longer care if I can see out. I am sure these energy star windows will mean less burning of the wood. This means less cutting, and splitting.

 Monday morning, I  rake the rained on hay. It is a nice hot day so it should dry well. I will come back in a few hours and start baling. My Hero’s quick fix on the tractor means everything is going well. I bale, and bale. Whoops; I pick up a big bunch of hay, and it clogs the baler, I have to go and manually pull it out. This is hot, dusty work and I feel like I am in the middle of the desert. I lick my dry lips then I get back in the tractor, I grab my very warm water. I see someone walking towards me, it is NDF, she looks like a vision in my oasis, she is carrying a mason jar full of ice cold water. She has very good instincts. Thank you for that, my friend.

 Tuesday morning, I wake up early and rush out to check if there is dew on the ground. No dew, so I can go rake the rest of the hay I did not get done on Monday. I love driving around the field early in the morning, the fresh air, the sun shining on the few bales My Hero had baled Monday night, and the songs in my head. Yes I never turn the radio on in any tractor; I just sing the ones in my head. I love the hum of the tractor, and if anything breaks I will hear it quicker.  I finish quickly and the girls and I head off to town to do some shopping, and pick up that part that came in from Toronto. We will fix the tractor this weekend.
We go out for a great lunch as K, and friend are leaving in the morning, it is also M’s birthday. I am having fun but I am constantly looking at my watch. The hay should be dry soon and I would like to get baling. I finally rush them through the store, we head north to get the part at the tractor dealer. Now home.
 I change my clothes, and  I head to the tractor. I grease the baler with a  newly loaded grease gun, I spray grease the chains, I put four new rolls of baler twine in the holder, and off I go baling.
 This hay is very dry and since it is raked two rows together it is very high. I see the hay scrap along the bottom of the tractor but the baler is making good time, and it is feeding through just perfect. Everything is going great. I only have about an hour’s worth of baling left when I pull the lever after tying a bale, nothing…. “Not Again.” I jump out to look. It is not the same problem, a cable has snapped, the door will not open, I have another trapped bale. I phone My Hero.

 I go and sit in the house and wait for him to get off of work. We rush out to fix the cable while the kids barbecue the birthday dinner. We have the part so it only takes a few minutes to fix. My Hero starts to bale. He is very quick so we can celebrate M’s birthday, and say goodbye to K, and friend, they are leaving in the morning. After a nice dinner, and a drive to see the sites, it starts to rain. The hay is finally all baled so I do not care.
 The windows should all be in, and finished by Friday, it is going to rain all weekend so we will not cut any hay. We decide we will go to an auction on Saturday. Boy I love the unpredictability of this time of year. Never a dull moment. Miss you K.
 As I post this I hear the discbine cutting across the road. I guess the forecast changed again. 



  1. oh, congrats on getting your baler fixed. and for changing out your windows! we got energy star vinyl windows last year; replacing the 25 yr old ones in the house. it makes a difference and keeps things a bit more 'sealed'. :)

  2. Looks like you have some good equipment for doing the job. It's hard work no matter what. Kudos.

  3. soooo interesting & like a foreign language to me.

    in lancaster, pa. they use mules (no power equipment) to do all the farming.

    i thought of you when we were there. xo

  4. I'm tired just reading about your work day. Good thing you and Your Hero are healthy. Farming will keep you in shape. Hope you get the hay and the windows in soon so you can go on to new adventures. Like buying cool stuff at the farm auction.

  5. Don't get it, you do all this and still find time to blog and you write so well, plus slip in an inspirational quote. Here's one for you "What a man (person) needs in gardening(farming) is a cast-iron back with a hinge in it." - C.D. Warner
    Slightly tweaked by me.

  6. i like what debbie said a foreign language. it is fun learning new things and I enjoy your posts.

  7. Oh boy, such a busy time of year.
    M's birthday falls in an interesting time on the farm!
    Glad the machinery fixed and that the cut hay has all been baled.
    Enjoy your weekend at the Auction, and best wishes for a sunny week ahead ;-)

  8. Glad you enjoy piloting that tractor! Sounds like fun, but something tells me it is WORK!

  9. I know a guy that lost the top of two of his fingers unclogging a baler. He learned the hard way to turn it off.

    Glad the hay dried well!

  10. I love the quote. Your day sounds daunting, yet you describe it with such grace. The perfect farmer' wife. Or should I say, hero's wife? :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. If something don't break, you ain't farming!

  12. You are so much my hero Buttons - a woman who bales is a special woman indeed !!! And you listen to your tractor the way you also do for animals - You are thee farm specialist, friend :)

  13. Whoohhhooo rolling rolling rolling.... haha

    And Happy Birthday!


  14. Tell me though, when you hit the sack after a long day of doing what you love there is a little smile on your face isn't there.:) In your post the other day you had a quote about just that and I loved it...might steal it for my own blog one of these days.

    I can almost smell the hay...used to drive a combine for a grass seed farmer in my youth, hard work but I really enjoyed the experience. I was OK until he told me the combine cost around $100,000 and not to break it...I was a bit nervous after that.:)

  15. I would really love a morning tractor ride. But first I need a tractor. Love the photos!


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