Monday, July 25, 2011

Fleece Socks in a Heat Wave?

“There’ll be a hot time in the old town to-night.”
                                        Joseph Hayden

 After the train episode we arrive at our destination, our Nations capital Ottawa. I have never been here before so this will be interesting. We head to the buses to take us closer to our hotel. We wait, and wait, while buses pass us by. Finally one stops, we ask the bus driver why the others passed by, and he explains that we just have to flag them down. Good to know.
 We head to the mall (I hate the mall) and have some lunch. We walk around with our backpacks, I am happy I packed light. We then head outside to walk the block and a half to our hotel. It was like being hit by a wall of heat. We walk, and drip our way to the hotel. We open the door, the cool air rushes out. I am going to like this. The man behind the counter says it is 35c plus humidity making it feel like 45c, tomorrow will be worse. That should be fun.

 Our room is very, very cool, it seems we cannot control the thermostat. These fleece socks came in very handy, thanks NDF. After some cable TV, I huddle under the blankets, and enjoy a nice long nap.
 We decide to go explore downtown, and after we flag down a bus, we make our way to see the sights.

 We walk down to the Rideau Canal to get a view of the parliament buildings; I notice a row of runners running in this heat, I think of Derrick, Sara and Dawn. This would be a beautiful run; it is so pretty with the old buildings, the park, and of course the canal. I am not sure about this heat but in the cool weather I would love to explore this trail.

 I watch everyone lying on the grass near the sprinklers trying to escape this horrible heat. We are starting to overheat so we head to the Byward Market to find a nice air-conditioned place to eat.

I would love to.

  We decide on a nice Irish Pub, I am thinking of my Grandmother. After a huge glass of lemon ice water, and a sandwich we venture back out into the heat to check out the sights.

 This is a very busy place; it is pedestrian friendly, I am enjoying this. I love the eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, shops, and people. I could spend hours here but the heat was unbearable. 

We head back to the buses.
 Back at the hotel we enjoy the very cool air. I drift off to sleep. I am dreaming of the heat, humidity, and adventures of the next day, with no air-conditioned rooms on our agenda.



  1. I feel so sorry that the first experience you're having of your capital city is under such unpleasantly hot and humid conditions! It looks like a lovely place to explore, under different circumstances, of course! Maybe there will be a next-time, some-time in the future. Thank you for sharing what you saw, even though I know we're enjoying it all under far different conditions. In my case, sitting beside a glowing fire, because it's cold outside!

  2. You were very organised to have brought fleece socks in the hot weather ... they came in handy though :D)
    It's nice to see some of Ottawa through your photos. Lovely buildings and a nice park in which to cool down a bit.
    The BeaverTails (Cafe?) looks interesting!
    Enjoy tomorrow.

  3. Seems the whole continent is under this opressive heat. I hope you are able to enjoy the trip reguardless. Take care in the big city. Bring us lots of pics for show and tell. Eat lots of food you never tried before.


  4. Looks like a wonderful time even with the horrible weather!

  5. Sounds like fun! Ahhhhh....fleece socks!

  6. hope you didn't get sick with those temperature extremes!

  7. I get a laugh out of how we bloggers carry our cameras around and occasionally photograph our feet in different conditions. Feet are good posers, always there, willing to wear fuzzy socks, goofy sandals, muddy or snow covered boots. Feet are very helpful to bloggers.

    I'm vicariously enjoying your tour of a part of our world so near and yet so different.

  8. I HATE the mall TOO! SOOOOOO much! If I ever HAVE to go ...I dread it for days:)
    That seem a bit too hot for me...but it looks absolutely beautiful there. I would love to run those trails...maybe at night.
    And....I never wear socks in my runners- so you can keep your socks while I run;))
    I'm jealous of your trip- thanks for showing us what it's like out that way:))

  9. what a great tour of such a beautiful place!!!

    love the socks!!!

    have fun tomorrow!!!!

  10. What a fun adventure you're on! But I hope it cools down a little for you:)

  11. This reminds me of a trip to Winnipeg when I was about 12. My uncle and aunt lived in a high rise there. Beautiful city. I loved it.

    Sorry the weather is being brutal -- but what can you do? :)

  12. awesome! love the pics. i'm a fan of wool socks myself :)

  13. I had to chuckle at your mention of how cold the room hubby likes the A/C turned up high at night! Looks like a fun place to explore...I enjoy seeing all the different parts of the world through my friends' blogs!


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