Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four and Six!

     “Constant labour of one uniform kind
     destroys the intensity and flow of a
     man’s animal spirits, which find
     recreation and delight in mere change of activity.”
                                                 Karl Marx

  Four: Four glorious hours of rain Monday morning. The puddles are full; the garden is soaking it up. My cows are walking around enjoying every moment.

Still scary right?
Amazing how well weeds do without a lot of rain.

 Since enduring all that heat last week I am walking around in the rain. I always love this. I guess that is why I love the West coast. Vancouver is one of the places I long to be again. You can always count on some rain. I am not a beach, sun, and sand kind of girl. Give me rain, and a great trail, and I am happy.
 This is exactly what we need. I know so many of you are still waiting for your rain, I hope it comes soon. They are calling for rain off, and on all week. This brings me to…

Six: Six is how many fields, we have left to cut and bale. My Hero finished cutting, and baling the other two on the weekend. The forecast for our long weekend is for sunny, and hot. With any luck at all we can get it finished.
 My Hero is having major problems with the disc-bine. He has to keep stopping and putting the drive belts back on. It is a hard, frustrating job, and doing it in the middle of a very hot field is not making it easier.
 He is thinking of getting our old hay-bine out it has a much smaller cut, 9ft. as compared to 13ft. so it will take him longer. We have not used this machine in three years ever since we bought our disc-bine new. I hope it still works.
 It seems haying season has been dragging on, and on. Only six more fields.
 When I do go back to bale these fields I will be taking my camera, these fields are surrounded by swamp, and bush. There are beautiful trees. I am not sure when we will attempt these fields, hopefully this weekend. Once we cut it will be done in a few days.
 It will be nice to move on to other jobs that we have been neglecting, at least till second cut. I am not sure about that one; the fields will need more rain to produce. The four hours of rain was a good start.

 Looks like rain for tomorrow, the fog has settled over the fields.



  1. Yup, we're one of those places that need rain really bad. It is very frustrating when you are trying to do a job and the machine keeps breaking. I wish him luck with the bailing.

    Cindy Bee

  2. I am beyond jealous about the rain. And, the hay. Here, hay prices have gone through the roof . . . if you can even find any.

  3. Glad you are back home. The hay field will really sprout now. Ours looks good since we had some rain too. Praise the Lord

  4. Bee Lady: I so wish everyone could get the rain they need.Yes it is hard on My Hero. It will work out. B

    Mama Zen: I know how hard that is for those not getting rain we have been in those situations before. I hope the rain comes soon, I wish I could send hay that way. B

    Mary Yes we have had rain now it is coming up nicely. I wish it would go everywhere. This is a frustrating year for a lot of people. Yes we can only pray for others not so lucky. B

  5. oh, congratulations on the rain! i am at once happy and envious... i hope you're able to finish the fields this weekend, then let it rain on you some more!

  6. I am also a rain person. I like to just sit there and gaze out into the downpour and allow the sound of the falling drops to cleanse my soul.

  7. I have often been know to send up prayers of praise for water. A not so simple thing we sometimes take for granted...


  8. It's fun to stop by your blog just to check out the latest footwear. The hot pink crocs are joyful. However, the scarecrow in the hoodie looks a little too much like the grim reaper for my tastes ;0).

    I really like the misty early morning photo of your hay fields, and I'm looking forward to pictures of what you see from the baler. Best wishes on finishing those six fields.

  9. By the blog friend who lives just south of Vancouver says they've had many more rainy and dark days than usual and for the Pacific Northwest that is a LOT! Here we are getting the edge of that weather pattern. The weather this year is weird everywhere.

  10. We really need rain...soon! Hope you get the last six fields finished...soon!

  11. Oh good for you in the rain! The equipment trouble sounds very frustrating to say the least!

  12. So sorry your hubby is having issues with his machines. I know what that's like and it ain't pretty at times.

    Glad you got your rain. Everything is still pretty green here, for end of July, which is pretty amazing. :)

  13. ooohhh rain, we need some, can you send it my way!!!

    i love a good rain day!!!

  14. Oh Buttons! That 2nd capture is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!
    I too love the rain...when I can kayak in it;)
    I DO love walking barefoot in puddles too I guess....:)

  15. We've had heaps of rain ... wish we could send you all some :D)


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