Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day! (Photo Friday)

“That long (Canadian) frontier from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans,
guarded only by neighborly respect and honorable obligations,
is an example to every country and a pattern for the
future of the world.”

                Winston Spencer Churchill

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Happy Canada Day!     To all my Canadian friends.

Happy Independence Day!     (On Monday) to all my American friends.

This is the way I see my Canada. I am so proud to be a Canadian. We are so blessed to live in this wonderful country. 
 We should never forget just how lucky we are. Our ancestors worked, and died making this nation what it is today. Beautiful, free, caring, and tolerant.

 Everywhere I look I am reminded of how much it took to make my Canada what it is today. Thank you. 
 Enjoy your weekend be safe, have fun.



  1. Beautiful photos and Happy Canada Day to you.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country. Oh, Canada!

  3. Happy Canada Day Buttons. Love the shot of the farm.

  4. Happy Canada Day - you do live in a beautiful country.

  5. Fantastically beautiful photos.


  6. Wonderful scenes of your beautiful country! Your national pride is infectious! Have a lovely day!

  7. One of these days I would very much like to visit Canada. Beautiful pictures, beautiful country!

  8. Happy Canada Day to you! Great shots!

  9. Happy Canada Day to you!

    I really wanted to move there a few years ago but it is much harder to get out of the US than it is in apparently!

  10. Happy Canada Day, B. Beautiful shots. Enjoy the day!

  11. Happy Canada Day & Happy 4th of July!!!

    And i LOVE the picture of the door nob!


  12. We're definitely a lucky, lucky bunch to live here and so many don't even appreciate it at all.

    I should put up a few shots of our end of the country....
    oh...and...wanted to tell you about a tractor thing I saw the other day! ahhaha.....I'm sure I read on you blog about when you were younger and driving a some guy's tractor and got stuck on something and tried backing up>? was it you? . .I'm sure it was.
    Anyway... tractor... mowing grass on a roadside hill no less... probably government hired...

    I glanced over and noticed the rake and tractor at odd angles.. totally jackknifed and the rake also sitting buckled up ......hahhah.... and then...laughed out loud. The guy had mowed right up close to a big cement tube sticking up out of the ground.. probably the top of a culvert into which workmen could climb if they needed to get under the road... I bet he was thinking he could just back up after getting nice and close and doing a wonderful job of mowing around the thing.
    Buttons would never do that, I thought...... and I bet that guy won't ever do it again either.......

  13. A handsome collection of photos from your homeland. Happy Canada Day to you. It's good to remember and respect our heritage of those who worked and sacrificed to make our countries what they are.

  14. Neat, neat post! Have a wonderful celebration. Go Canada!

  15. beautiful collection of pictures!!

    have a wonderful weekend!!!

  16. Hope you had a lovely day!
    I thought you would be away for longer doing your bales. As you have explained in earlier post the weather hasn't been conducive to your needs. Let's hope you get the right weather for haying. Love M

  17. My hubbys family is from Canada...they got kicked out of France long ago...then they slowly migrated to Wisconsin & Northern Illinois...I wonder why did they leave Canada? lol

    Anyhow, we agree ; your Canada is beautiful!


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