Saturday, July 2, 2011

If You're Looking For Me!

"Perfect freedom is reserved for the man who lives by his own work
and in that work does what he wants to do."
                                         R.G. Collingwood

 I am going to write about my upcoming week but I came across this WILD PARSNIP it is Evil stay away from it. Just wanted to remind you. I had a little encounter with it last night and it sent shivers down my spine thinking of the last time.

 I am serious about this if you encounter it go take a hot shower with lots of soap. I am a little paranoid I guess. OK enough lecturing like your Mom here is what I will be up to.

 I will be out baling hay. My Hero has cut four fields and will be cutting two more today. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
 Last night (Canada Day) My Hero, my girls, and I pulled our chairs up to the back window after 9 pm and relaxed watching the fireworks off in the distance. There were three villages displaying their celebrations.
 No driving, no bugs, and no crowds, perfect.
 We are lucky enough to live on a hill and only about 20 km from these tiny villages. Far enough away but close enough, perfect.
 The ooohhh's, and aaahhh's were the same. The girls were reminiscing about the times we would pack them all up in the car with blankets, bug spray, and jackets we would meet our family in the village and watch all the festivities. We always had a great time. The crowd ooohhing, and aaahhing; we carry on that part of the tradition, and then we laugh.
 Life is good, spending time with my girls, and My Hero remembering past days, and looking forward to new traditions and a great future.
 I am off now to the co-op to buy baler twine. I will  come back to hopefully rake some hay. I will be posting sporadically for a while so I can get this done.
 So if you're  looking for me I am probably the one on the red tractor, bobbing  her head to the music, and singing out loud.
 Thanks for staying with me during this crazy time of year. I appreciate it. Off to work.

I just wanted to show you the soybean growing, this is before the tofu. It is beautiful but near the evil weed.



  1. wish i could help drive tractor! :)

  2. Texwisgirl. Come on over we could always use the help. B

  3. I've never seen a soya bean plant before :) I'm so interested in seeing/hearing how you go about baling the hay! I thought it was all done by machine these days.

  4. Ah Soybeans...fell asleep at the wheel when I was 18-19 and landed in a soybean field... I was working 40+ hours a week and going to school full-time AND watching my youngest sister at the time. Scared the daylights out of her and I. I was just thankful neither of us was seriously injured. I felt bad I had messed up that farmers field though.

    Good luck with the haying!

  5. Ha! No soybeans for us in our area. We have cold nights and a 90 day growing season. Our major crops are malt barley, wheat and hay. I hope you'll have a great time haying with no breakdowns...........Denise

  6. I didn't know that about wild parsnip. No wonder you are concerned! Have fun on the tractor!

  7. Does the evil doer cause a rash, an itch, a sting or what? Its going to be a hot one here. Hope you get your hay done before too much heat sets in. What music do YOU listen to while you're making your rounds around the fields!! I can just see you. Debi

  8. I don't know anything about parsnip so I'll Google it. Happy baling!

  9. busy, busy! :)

    i think i've read parsnip in a recipe before?

  10. wow...busy weekend.

    i know nothing about parsnip but i do love me a firework show!!!

  11. The first week of July was always haying time when I was a kid at home on the farm. Dad would be so busy getting in the hay that we seldom went to see the July 4th fireworks. My brother and I would climb up on the shed and watch the displays sent up far away in two different towns,

    Best wishes with the haying and thanks for checking in.

  12. I just wish I could be on that tractor with you. I can smell you hay way over here in Aussie land. I do a good bop to the music too.

  13. Hi Buttons, your hero has been very busy and, I guess, you've been out there and into it all as well by now.

    Yes, will think of you in your red tractor.

    I, too, found the soy bean plants very interesting to see on the ground. I'm presuming they're growing on your farm?

    Anyway, have a productive week and keep well away from that evil weed ;-)

  14. I think I've said it before...and I'll say it again. You are an amazing help like you do.
    We watched the fireworks from the upstairs much nicer than battling crowds and traffic jams:)
    You are one amazing/hard worker!!!!

  15. Most of the farmers in my area are done with they're first cutting. Hoing for some rain to get the second cutting up.

  16. Its that darn photosynthesis thang!! sunlight and the sap and its awful...I agree wholeheartedly...


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