Sunday, July 10, 2011

Island Auction...Anticipation!

          “As happy a man as any in the world,
           for the whole world seems to smile upon me.”
                        Samuel Pepys

These words are rare. No matter how far you have to travel, or how much hay is lying on the ground, we will try to get to these auctions.
 We were lucky (?) it rained Friday night on all the hay we had down. This makes going to this auction a little less guilt free.

 The difference between an island auction, and a mainland auction is the things that one will find. Most of these farms have been handed down for generations. The same name will be on the mailbox for over one hundred years. There is a pride of ownership, and you will see things families struggled hard trying to hold on to. I love these kinds of auctions.
 As I have said these farms mostly do not go up for sale they are passed on so this is a dispersal sale of things no longer needed, or wanted for whatever reason. This young woman was selling things but would still be farming. It is definitely “In your blood” on the island.

We must travel to the ferry; we leave very early in the morning. We stop and pick up brother D. While My Hero, and D discuss the hopeful plans for the day I daydream about the photo ops I will see, and the auction on the beautiful island. This is so exciting.
 We arrive at our destination, the ferry dock. We are the first to arrive. We see the ferry in the middle of the lake; we were ten minutes too late. I do not mind waiting for the next one. I jump out of the truck, and take advantage of this opportunity.

 The morning is so beautiful; I have a big smile on my face. The sun’s rays are dancing on the crisp blue water. It is very quiet here this early in the morning, I watch the loons, and cormorants fly close to the water in rows. Close but never touching. An awesome site; I explore the rocky shores, they have always fascinated me. I play around with the camera for a while then I see the ferry coming. I decide to walk on to the ferry, rather than wait, and drive on in the truck. I know I can get some fantastic shots from the top deck.

 Standing on the top deck, I look down and see a very, very long line of car, trucks and campers waiting to get on the ferry. It is auction day for sure. I look down and watch the water churning below me, a boat full of fisherman, and fisher kids fishing near the dock. My first thought, “Where are the life jackets?”  I watch their fishing lines, and bobbers dance, and drift with the tide as the boat moves slowly with the waves.

 The vehicles are all loaded it is a full ferry. I see My Hero, and D’s faces smiling up at me. This is my bliss. I am so happy I brought a jacket, the wind is cool and it is very windy up here.

 The ferry ride is almost magical, the hum of the motor, and the splashing of the water as we race through the waves. I see many sailboats moving quickly with the wind.
 I can see the silos towering over the century barns getting ever closer.  I am so involved with the views from my camera lens I forget where, and why I am here. Heaven.

 This is going to be a great day. I head down to the truck to begin my adventure on this magical island



  1. i can feel your anticipation! :)

  2. i can feel your excitement, it's contagious!!

    i can almost feel the mist from the splashing....ferry rides are magical. i know you will have a wonderful day!!!

  3. I'm caught up in your excitement. Hope you'll share how it was.

    Great photos.


  4. The ferry trip was great and the photos are awesome...but I want to see your treasures!

    You are the first farmer I've ever heard that was glad the hay got wet!

  5. I've ridden on a ferry enough to understand the anticipation and the magic. What a great time! Thanks for sharing the excitement and the fun!!!

  6. How fun -- can't wait to see if y'all bought anything. :)

  7. texwisgirl I love when that happens B

    Debbie I do love the ferry B

    Lou thank you and yes I will be sharing the adventure all this week OK in between baling hay. I will share. B

    Gail A couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with something I told myself life is too short to worry about those kind of things. I would much rather focus on enjoying my days with My Hero the rest will happen when it does. It always gets done. "No use crying over spilled milk". Yes their was some treasure. B

    Leenie You know I wrote something not related to work just for you. I was bored from work stuff also. I would not even read my own blog. B

    Nancy yes I will post in a couple of days have to get some more hay done. Can't wait till it is done. B

  8. Can't wait to see what you got....

  9. Golly darn ~ you left me hanging in the excitment. Can't wait for your return! Debi

  10. i love auctions. they can be photo-ops in themselves! these are such relaxing views...

  11. Farmchick I will show you on Tuesday. B

    Debi I am sorry this is a long piece, but don't you love a mystery?

    bon bon Is 280 pics a lot? B

  12. You transported me with your pictures and your words... again. I just can't even imagine the beauty! I love the Oregon coast and your pictures remind me of it on one of it's best days. But you were headed to an island, and an auction! I wish I were you!! :) I can't wait to see what you come home with, or what you didn't come home with...

    * So, the other day I accidentally posted when I was saving for Monday. You caught me! Hence the seemingly (to you) repeat post today... sorry.

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. You have lovely way of telling a story!

  14. well.... the average american/canadian moves 7 times in their lives... maybe next time we move closer to eachother????

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post!

    I'm not too good with ferries, boats and such but your pics look lovely!

  15. .....Did you find the life jackets?

    Can't wait to see your treasures. Maa.


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