Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Island Auction!....part three!

“Begging the question.”
       Thomas Woodrooffe

Did he, or didn’t he get the tractor, or the tedder?
Did she, or didn’t she buy more treasures?  Read on and you will see.

 There are people from every location at this auction. I am looking at license plates as I walk along the road. The traffic is parked on both sides for well over a mile. New York, Nova Scotia, British Columbia (I am thinking of my lucky brother out there), and of course Ontario being the bulk of them. The island swells to more than double it’s population in the summer. There are summer homes, and cottages everywhere, only a true islander would, and could survive the long, cold winters here.
 I watch as a young man straps a farm gate on the top of his Jeep, I think it is funny.

 When I return from my walk I have to pass a table full of books, I can’t believe I did not notice it before. I guess I was distracted by the view. A woman tells me they did not sell and are now $2 a piece. Darn I would have bought the whole table full, probably cheap. I am excited as I look through them, I can tell by the titles and the variety I am going to buy some. It is always good to have reference books around the farm. You are never to old, or to smart to learn a thing, or two. I buy quite a few.

 Well My Hero, and D have gathered quite a mix of things while I was gone. Nuts, bolts, chain saws, a grease gun (you can never have too many), and five tubes of grease. They were apparently having fun waiting for the tedder, and the tractor to be auctioned.

 I went to check out the barn; lucky me met a man who let me in to see the animals. He said they were all very friendly but stay away from the Llama, apparently a month before it had bit his nose, and he had to go to the hospital. Enough said for me. I check out the donkeys, and the sheep.

 The fencerows are beautiful; the undisturbed fields go for miles.

They are getting close to the tedder I head over, and stand by My Hero. The auctioneer announces that some of the machinery does not work and it happens to be one of them. It is broken, and they are not sure what is the matter. “Great” is all I can think of, this will mean it will go cheap. My Hero can fix anything, and he loves a challenge.” $100 sold", it is ours.
More machinery was sold, and it seems a lot of it is not working, a fact not stated in the newspaper, this makes for a somewhat disappointed crowd.

 They move to the tractor, they start it up. Now, D is an excellent mechanic, he knows the different sounds of a motor, and can diagnose a problem quickly. Most people would not pick up on these sounds. It seems there is a problem with the motor. Some repairs to fix this particular problem could run into thousands of dollars. The very first bid is very high; My Hero decides it is too high a risk. There will be many other sales. A young man bought it and was smiling ear, to ear.
 The last few things are sold, now we have to go and take the tedder apart to load it on the pickup. We will not be able to pull it home on the ferry. It is a good thing they bought all those wrenches. We remove all the pins and bolts and take the arms off. Two very nice men help to lift it into the truck. I mention to the older gentlemen how heavy it must be, he proceeds to show me his bicep and informs me he is very strong, and yes he is.

 We drive back to the other side of the island, our truck loaded with our treasures. I am a little sunburned, a little thirsty and a whole lot tired, but I am so happy, it was a great day. I look forward to the cool breeze blowing across my face on the ferry ride back.

 We finally arrive home, I am exhausted, I take a short nap, we have a quick supper then, I head out to the field to rake hay for a couple of hours. I have a little more fun with my camera while driving, then I enjoy the most spectacular  sunset I have seen in awhile from the seat of my tractor. I will certainly sleep tonight.

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  1. So cool you were able to get the tedder. We are looking at a baler and not sure if we want to jump into the investment. We just barter with Mr Neighbor Farmer #1 and #2 to get ours done. Any advice? Have a great day.
    God Bless

  2. Mary It is very expensive to buy equipment. We are using a round baler that we bought in 1983 it works well but we keep repairing it. If you can go to an auction and buy cheap and (this is hard with all the horse people going to buy now) and you can fix things yourself it is worth the purchase. If you have that great a relationship with your neighbours why would you. I should tell you we rent most of all our neighbours fields. There are a lot of farmers getting out of doing custom work around here anyway. Not much help for. The saying if it ain't broke don't fix it rings in my head. B

  3. You work very hard! How hot has it been there? That last shot is magnificent.

  4. Glad you got some bargains.

  5. Hard to pass up on $2.00 books, especially those ones about wild edible weeds and veggies.:) Glad you were able to get a good deal on the tedder...what a beautiful picture of the setting sun.

  6. Lori it is very hot and humid here. I do not mind it to much as I am not aching. B

    Gail yes it was a fine auction.

    Mr H it is so funny you commented on the books for some reason you popped into my head when I was looking at them. I guess I know how much value they could be to you. I am glad I bought them, now I will go exploring. B

  7. Lovely to find old books - and that boxfull looked very interesting!

    Your day ended successfully - and the men have stuff to fix up now ;-)

    Ha ha, I had a chuckle at the man quite eagerly showing you his biceps... he's no doubt very proud of them :D)

    Absolutely beautiful sunset picture.

  8. Great photos. I love books, too---it's a sickness.

    But there is nothing worse than being bit on the schnozz by a llama.

  9. so glad you got the tedder. love your writings. and that sunset is glorious.

  10. Well, sorry about the tractor, but happy you came home with some valuable treasures. :)

  11. B, What a wonderful story! What a blessing to have someone along like D who can discern between a good or a bad engine. My dad was like that, it's a gift. I remember one time as a teenager I came home and told him the car was making a funny dinging noise. He said it meant it was low on oil (and it was) and that I had a good ear to be able to hear that. I was so proud! I still remember that compliment from my dad:)
    I hope you get a chance to rest up a little after all the haying.
    BTW-Thanks for the nice comment on my blog:)

  12. An amazing day of adventure. As much as I enjoy seeing all the fun stuff for sale, the donkey picture was my favorite...or maybe the fence...or the superb sunset. Sounds like a long day, too, but at least the sun came out enough that you could get in a little tractor time.

  13. Susan it is pouring rain here again so I have a chance to answer some of the comments. Books always attract me. I think I am a book junkie. B

    Clint I bet that would really hurt I have never been that close to a Llama to see how big there teeth were. B

    texwisgirl. Thank you and it was something to see. B

    Nancy I am OK without the tractor My Hero was more interested in it than I. Sound familiar? B

    Patti good for you with your special ear. It is so nice to have those memories from what your Dad said. I meant the comment. B

    Leenie thanks I am not sure of my favourite but I am sure you will find one you like on Friday. B

  14. wonderful entry buttons, i loved the table of books. i adore old ones that are gently worn & loved, ones have been enjoyed by many!!

    that last photo is magnificent!!

  15. Ahh, we are weary aren't we. But it's a very good kind of weary. I'm so glad we found the books when we did, and I grinned ear to ear when the helpful older gent showed up his biceps... Yes, it was just a beautiful day. Again, thank you for bringing me, I'll now forever know what a tedder is.

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. What a full and satisfying day! I am sure you rested well. Glorious sunset!

  17. Debbie yes there is nothing like a well loved book to keep you company. B

    No spring chicken Yes it is a good kind of weary. It was nice taking you on my trip. I will be sure to bring you along on the next one. B

    Michaele I slept like a baby. B

  18. Scored a tedder, some books, and some spectacular pictures! Sounds like a pretty good day!

  19. it's always cool getting to rummage through other people's old stuff!

    the final sky pix is beautiful...

  20. Isn't it amazing the way a beautiful sunset can give a lift to any day! And when the day has been good, it makes things even better :)

  21. I could sit and listen to you talk all day long. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing. Always an adventure with you:)

  22. i love this post - you took us right along, and i could feel the dusty grass under my feet, the far away calling of the auctioneer as i peeked into the barn...thank you friend!


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