Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Island Auction!....part two.

          “How seldom friend, a good, great man
          Honor or wealth, with all his worth and
          It sounds like stories from the land of
          If any man obtains that which he
          Or any merit that which he obtains.”
                                           Samuel Taylor Coleridge

 As we exit the ferry I am marvelling at the charm of the small village. There is an old blacksmith shop; the front of it looks original, just as I would imagine it looked in the 1800’s.Very cool!  There are new houses built on either side of it yet it has managed to hold on to its pioneer days. It is a true clash of the centuries. The very old merging with the very new, an interesting concept. How has it managed to keep its charm in this crazy modern world?
 We pass huge fields, they are dotted with big round bales there are literally hundreds of them. I love this, and for just a moment I think of our hay laying on the ground waiting for our return

 We see the auction sign, we have already made it to the far south side of the island, and we are near the water again. We turn right, and there is this incredible old barn, I want My Hero to stop but I know he was focused on the mission ahead.

 We have come to look at a tractor, it is identical to ours but it has four- wheel drive, this is always better in our winters. My Hero is hoping it goes for a reasonable price, and then we would sell ours. An upgrade if you will.

 We have also come to look at a tedder (a piece of equipment to fluff up the downed hay), after all the rain we keep getting on our hay we decide this will be a very useful addition to our operation. I am not sure how it really works but I imagine if we buy it, I will be learning how to work it very soon.
 When we arrive at the auction site I am so awestruck by the beauty of the water, and the original homestead on the water side, I do not even care about the auction on the right. We park and I immediately jump out of the truck and run across the road to the house. My Hero and D head to the equipment.

 I start snapping photos; I love the beauty of this surprisingly intact original house. My imagination takes me to a time long ago; I imagine it is the winter, the snow, and wind blowing across the cold, cold lake, the snowdrifts blanketing the house. I can see this very large family huddled together under blankets looking out the small windows waiting for the spring. Memories of Our Journey pop  into my head, I shiver as I remember this time. I appreciate their struggles.

 I cross the road to explore this treasure trove of items. I snap photos for Photo Friday. It would be silly to miss this opportunity.
 There is quite the mix of items. Old machinery, newer machinery, very old antique furniture, and newer furniture. This is a very different sale indeed. I focus on the old, it is what I love.
There are lots of treadle sewing machines; I have always admired these, if they could only tell their stories.
 I find myself drawn to the unusual things; I see this old clock and wonder how old it is. It just caught my eye.

 I wander around admiring the items all the time appreciating the views of my surroundings. The fence, the land, and the water view.
 I went to this auction not intending to buy anything but then I see it. The auctioneer is holding it high in the air. At first I admired it but never even thought of bidding on it. I hear him saying $5 any other bids?
I jump in with my $7 bid; I now own this wonderful piece of history. I have no idea where I will put it but I am so happy I raised my hand.

 As I take my bounty back to the truck, I decide to walk down the road and check out the view of the water. I am thinking how lucky these cows are to awake every morning with a view like this.

 I walk in both directions; it is a hot day, I wish I had brought some water. I see lots of water the old saying "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink" rings in my head. I take in all this beauty and vow to come back myself soon and explore more of this incredible island.
 I head back to the auction to see what My Hero and D are buying.



  1. I adore that house! It just calls to me.

    Wonderful fine, now if the you have to, you can still do that laundry!

  2. oh that house is amazing. like you said, holds so many stories of a hard life lived...

  3. I love your style of writing. When you tell a story it's as if I'm sitting next to you seeing what you're seeing. I love the old house and can only imagine the stories the people who lived there could tell. Your treasure is indeed that. Hope you'll share where you decide to display it.

  4. I used to have one of those old wringers, but it sat outside for too long and fell apart. Shame on me!

    Interested to find out what the equipment went for. Auctions are always unpredictable. :)

  5. i adore the house.....you select well the items to be photographed!!

  6. Thanks for taking us along! Love the picture of all those beautiful round bales of hay!

  7. WoW! Great find & the barns here on your blog are gorgeous. =)

  8. Interesting photos. It's good to know that not all our history is paved over, flattened or confined to museums. I'm amazed too at how tough and resilient the early survivors of this raw land must have been.

    Fun to see how you acquired that old wringer for only seven dollars.

  9. I feel like I've been on a little journey myself. Very pretty and unusual pieces you snapped for us. I love fields of round bales of hay. Debi

  10. LOVE it, and hey, that'll come in VERY handy when we run out of oil! ;)

  11. This looks like my kind of auction! Love that little, old house.

  12. Auctions always make me think....

    That house is absolutely perfect...a wonderful capture!
    (Have I ever told you to tell your husband he has a very awesome wife to go on his adventures with him!!!!???

  13. You've captured the beauty of this place in your photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I love your treasure you brought home. Can you just imagine using that to do the laundry?

  14. Another beautiful day. Thank you for taking me along...

    Blessings, Debbie


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