Saturday, July 16, 2011

No Fair!

“The day shall not be up to soon as I,
To try the fair adventure of to-morrow.”
                  William Shakespeare

 Sometimes while farming you get to watch all your friends drive by on their way to have fun. You will be on your tractor playing catch-up while taking advantage of your great fortune of fair weather.
  Sitting on said tractor seat you will observe cars, and trucks driving by pulling boats, or campers. They are heading for the cottage to swim, or fish, and just relax. You will observe the motorcycles going by all heading for the motorcycle rodeo in another town. Not a place I have ever been, I do not know if I would even like it but at least I would have a choice.
 My point being farming is not always easy there are no set vacations, and the weather will rule your world. You are totally dependent on this unpredictable part of nature. This may leave you working, while other people play. It does not matter if there is crippling heat, and humidity, you will be out in it getting it done.
 The county fair started yesterday, I was looking forward to the excitement of the crowds, the smiling faces of the children, and adults alike. The candyfloss, the greasy hamburgers, and just the whole experience. I was especially looking forward to the great photo opportunities.
 The tractor pull was last night but we were just to exhausted to make it. While they were pulling, with the noise and the excitement of the crowd, we were snoring in the lazy boy.
 This morning is the village parade, I have not missed very many of these, my family and my Mom will be standing on the corner cheering the little ones on. I am tired, and just want to get started baling hay. It will be a long day so I chose not to go.
 The Demolition Derby is tomorrow afternoon. With any luck at all we will have everything baled that is down, and will be able to make it.

No Fair.



  1. awww. 'no fair'. i hope you can get the bales in and be able to have some town time...

  2. Well that just stinks!
    I hope you get what you need done to have some fun (and fair food) for yourself :)

  3. weather plays such a big role in farming, something we all know BUT don't think about in this way!!

    i hope you get to the fair tomorrow, knowing everything's done, you will be able to relax and really enjoy it!!!!

  4. Whenever I see a tractor now, I think of you on yours. It's not so bad seeing the world from a tractor seat. And I know what you mean about being too tired to have fun. Don't miss that Derby tho'.

  5. Hi B, even if you do not finish, you should try to go and have a little fun. We need to have a balance of fun and work to re-energize the batteries and keep going. Life is too short to spend the whole time just working. So go to the Derby and have fun :-)!

  6. And there will be many who work strapped into their seats in stuffy offices from sun up to sun down who'd be willing to give their eyeteeth to be able to work outdoors under clear blue heavens, beathing in freshair and hearing the birds and bees going about their it's really all just a matter of's all relative ;)

  7. Oh B, If we were neighbors I'd send my boys over to help you so you could get finished and enjoy the fair:)I hope you get to the Demolition Derby. That would be my favorite thing to see!

  8. What Claud gotta have balance. And when you figure out how to get it, lemme know! I did get to go to the fair but mostly because I was committed to work in the cabin. I do enjoy the good old-fashioned fun of a county fair.

    Cindy Bee

  9. I'm with you on this. I know exactly where you're coming from. My Dad and I live in different parts of the state. We don't see each other for about 4 months until both us get done with fertilizing, cutting pasture, hay baled, etc. Just get some rest. It will be over soon, just to start over again in the fall. Debi

  10. dont you know it - our work is dependent on the weather too, and we have to be out there while everyone else is enjoying a holiday, a weekend, but we have a contract to fulfill and we cant work when it rains...and when it gets over 85 then we have to be up before the sun shines and be at the woods crack of dawn, while everyone else is sleeping in on saturday morning...but wouldnt trade it for any other job :)just like I know you wouldnt either - sleep good, buttons, you more then deserve it!

  11. The weather is a hard mistress and she seems to be extra mean to farmers. Hope you get that hay stashed soon---so you can go on to the next challenge. At least you don't have a herd of milk cows to demand your attention twice a day for milking and most of the time for ills and pasture and new calves.

  12. Hello everyone I am sorry I am such a whiner. I actually love my job not chained to a desk as Desiree pointed out. There are people doing much harder jobs than I everyday. I was just trying to show the feelings farmers get when they are tired, and frustrated during haying time. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I baled 100 (1000 lb.) round bales yesterday we are putting a dent in it.We will try our best to get to the derby, you never know. It is 7:25 am.
    Thanks everyone. B

  13. Buttons, I dont' think you're a whiner! I am right there with ya! We have no hired help...need I say more? I hope you get a chance for much needed "fun" soon! :)

  14. No you're not a whinger - sometimes it's just not fair and that's that!
    Hope you get to have some fun at the derby.


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