Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Journey! Mud! 16

          “A women moved is like a fountain
          Muddy, ill-seeming, thick, bereft of

                   William Shakespeare

 Finally, it is spring; the mosquitoes are biting, and the rain has been falling steady for weeks. This has delayed the big shovel from coming. Our dream is on hold. M and I are keeping busy in the small crowded house moving pots around on the floor, from leak, to leak. She thinks this is a fun game. Oh to think like a child, all I think about is, when I will not have to do this anymore.
 It is very damp at night, and we ran out of firewood weeks ago, so we dress warm. The sun has not shone for weeks so the house is dark, and gloomy.  I am trying to be optimistic but it is taking all my strength. I keep telling myself this is only a little set back, and this living arrangement is only temporary. We will be back on track soon. I stare at the building permit stuck to the window. I hear the scratching above my head in the ceiling; it appears the rats have found their new home.
 The calving season was pretty much over except for a few stragglers. This makes the chores a bit easier. The pigs are still having litters regularly which means more night checks, this means grab a flashlight, your raincoat, and rubber boots and wade through the mud to the barn. Pigs were the only way to accomplish our dream, and all it took was labour.
  I had ordered baby chicks, and turkeys so I have been looking after them. They would make us money in a few months, there was a lot of profit to be made; it just meant more work. I was not afraid of that. We were  saving money anyway we could, and always thinking of ways to make more, so we could buy the building material as we go, and not have to take out a loan. Our loan payments on the farm, and the machinery were crippling enough already. We should have a full freezer of meat, and after I get a garden in, lots of vegetables to get us through the winter in our new home.
 I am getting tired of carrying all this water; my shoulders now ache constantly. I find it funny, there is a big cistern in our barn, ready to hold water, but no eaves troughs to catch any rain. This would have been so nice.
 I sit in this dark house thinking about M, wondering if it is healthy for her to be in a dark, damp house so much. She does not seem to notice she is always busy, and smiling.
 The rain has finally stopped; the shovel will be delivered in the morning they will start digging on the weekend. I am so excited, I pick M up and we dance around the living room, trying to avoid the pots on the floor
 The shovel is here, they unload it and the digging begins, I picture this new house in my mind. There is a lot of mud. I watch as each scoop of the bucket brings thick, dark mud with lots of water. There is a sucking sound with each bucket full. The tracks of the machine are covered in mud. This machine is making quick work. I love watching it do its thing.
 The hole is getting bigger, the shovel must now move to the other side. The operator starts digging again when all of a sudden, this big shovel starts to sink, it was as if it was in quicksand. The operator panics when he looks down and sees the tracks had completely disappeared. The more he tried to get the machine unstuck the deeper he sank. It was now up to the doors. As I watch this machine sink, I feel my heart, and my dreams sinking along with it. It has been a very long, hard road and I guess I was just tired of dealing with all the disappointments. Our dream was being sucked down this very dark, muddy hole and there was no way to stop it.
 No amount of manoeuvring was going to fix this problem, so they decided to go and get a bigger shovel to get this one out. The good thing about working in the construction trade is you have access to very heavy machinery.
 This new shovel was huge; it dwarfed the sunken one, this should work well. A big chain was tied around the smaller one, compliments of My Hero climbing through the mud, or should I say swimming through, and wrapping it around. This was truly a man committed to our dream.
 After lots of time and effort by all it was finally pulled from this incredible sinking hole. My hope was restored. It was decided the big shovel would stay; there was so much mud. Dig, dig, and dig.
 The hole is finally finished, levelled out, and ready for the form building for the foundation. I am so excited; our dream was becoming clearer every day. We will be in a house with lots of light, warmth, and no rats before the winter. It is going to be great.
 I am sure even with this setback of a month we will still be able to make it. I just have to remember all we have to do is keep working hard. I will take on more chores so My Hero can work on the house at night. Our dream is going to come true. Haying will start in a month, and we have taken on extra custom work to pay the bills, it is all going to work out. It is going to be a very tough, long summer but we will make it. It is going to be worth it.



  1. Dreams do come true. Obstacles are to discourage make us lose sight of our goal.

    Keep dreaming, keep will happen.

  2. I can't imagine living through what you endured to realize your dream. I'm so glad it's over and now you can share the journey with others.

  3. The problem with these wonderfully written stories about your life is that when I get to the end I want to keep on reading but am forced to patiently wait for the next chapter.:)

  4. i am so with Mr H above... i love these chapters in your story - as long as i know you are looking back on them and not 'mired' in the stress and worry now...

  5. I hug you. You have a dream. Some of us have been where you are, maybe not nearly as rough, but we've had that dream. You will have hindsight one day and look back on this; trust me. Keep a journal. You will love to look back to where you have come. Hang in there. We all support you. Debi

  6. Hey Debbie This is in my past if you would like to read all Our Journey from the beginning. It is on my sideboard.All the parts 1-15. Thanks and I appreciate your comment and support. B

  7. I love how you remember it all so clearly and express it so well. Very inspiring.

  8. Very Inspiring! Our youngest Daughter's home was just lost to fire this past Friday early frightening...but YOU, give me hope that there future will be wiser...

  9. it's always worth it, you know that now!!!

    are you writing these now about what you remember or are you copying from journals you kept?

  10. Gail truer words were never spoken. B

    Granny I am glad it is over too. but it taught me a lot of lessons. B

    Mr. H thank you it means a lot to me. I just wanted to get this story out for my children. That others enjoy it makes me very humbled.B

    Texwisgirl Yes it is nice to know it is in the past. Thank you texwis. B

    Seven gates farm I am sorry I spelled your name wrong Debi. B

    Michaele Thank you. B

    Blessings I am so sorry that had to have been so frightening I am glad everyone is alright. You take care. B

    Debbie boy I wish I had the forethought to keep a journal that would have been nice. Most of my memories I will never forget. It is permanently embedded in my mind. I learned a lot from those years and vowed never to forget. I will continue to write so my children will understand how we came to the place we are today. The long way. No shortcuts. Thank you. B

  11. thanks b...i have wanted to ask that question since i started following along!!!

  12. How far you have come and so much you and yours have accomplished!

    They say a story never recorded never happened. Your story truly is a happening. Your story should be priceless for those who follow.

  13. Great reading. You followed your dream :)
    Your friend M xxxx

  14. Leenie Thanks Leenie. B

    Whiteangel Thanks M I know you have heard of these struggles. Hope all is well. Your friend. G

  15. reading your words - I think "buttons knows what a home really is"...


  16. Are you remembering and writing? Or are you taking from you journal? Because if you're remembering these details... I'm doubling up on my fish oil! ;)

    As always... your words are transporting...

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Whenever I visit your blog I check to see if you have written another installment of your journey. It is uplifting to read of someone who has gone through hard times, persevered, and come through. Bless you for sharing!

  18. Hello Buttons, I've just been reading journey #17 and realised I had missed #16.
    No matter what you've gone through, you never gave up hope... you might question it sometimes, but you never gave up. So admirable.

  19. I just read Mr H's comment and I'm glad that I came onto your blog a little late for these least I don't have to wait for each chapter :) I feel the same though...I can't wait to read what happens next!


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