Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Race!

          “Man’s book are but man’s alphabet,
           Beyond and on his lessons lie—
          The lessons of the violet,
         The large gold letters of the sky.

                    Cincinnatus Heine (Janquin) Miller

 Have you ever felt like you were running two steps forward, and three steps backwards?
As you all know we have been trying to get our hay in. This is a hard enough job without all the interferences of  everyday life, and  the weather.
 It seems the weatherman is not helping. If he says that there will be a chance of scattered showers we are always hopeful, and carry on with the hay. If he says 80% chance of showers we will not cut. This has always worked for us in the past, and it seems logical.
 Well this year has been quite the challenge. 80% means we will not cut and I get to go to bed early. I awake in the morning to see the ground bone dry, and realize we wasted a perfect opportunity to cut hay.
 On the other hand 10% means I should ignore that big black cloud over my head while baling, it will move away quickly. You watch as this cloud opens up and dumps an hour’s worth of heavy rain on your nicely raked hay.
 The haying this year has made the race if nothing else exciting, and frustrating. Run, run, and run then wait, wait, and wait. It is a total guessing game. I am starting to not like this race very much.
 It seems it can be sunny, and dry at the neighbours house, yet pouring rain at ours. This is very funny indeed; our ground is very dry despite all the scattered, hay stopping showers. I am looking over the depleted pasture fields, even with rotation they are doing poorly. It looks like we will be feeding the hay we have managed to bale sooner than we think. This will cut into our winters supply. Decisions will have to be made; we may have to down grade our cattle. I do not even like thinking of this till the fall, but sometimes farming is totally dependent on the weather. With any luck at all we will get the rest of our hay done this week, and then it can rain for weeks. 
 Maybe he will predict hot, and sunny, and I now know what that means.(Rain?)
 What do you think right, or wrong?
 I hope you are all having better luck.



  1. Hi Buttons,
    How many acres are you haying? In our area there are some custom haying operations. Have you approached a neighbor or a custom operation to come help you get it off. You will probably have to barter some of the bales but at least you'll get it off and make way for new growth for the next cuttings. Keep your head held high and remember God doesn't give us anymore than what we can handle. Turn to him for strength.
    God Bless. Wish we could come help. We'd barter labor for a few of your lovely green bales!!

  2. Mary we hay about 280 acres. We used to rent that much more till I told MY Hero it was getting to much. We have an awesome friend who helps us get it off.
    I don't mind doing it but wish the weather would clear it rained again last night but we are cutting again tonight.
    We used to bale 1800 bales but are now down to 800 so not to bad. We will be done soon. Thanks Mary. B

  3. We have all been at the mercy of weather and varmits this year. One cutting of hay and if we don't get rain, thee may not be another.

    Good luck, may all your hay be baled with no rain.

  4. All I can do is sympathize and pray for you. God bless.

  5. texas is going to be in a world of hurt for hay this year too. folks already selling off parts of their herd as they don't have any growth to feed them now - much less plan for affordable hay this winter...

    sorry for the weather woes...

  6. It's all so critical isn't it.
    I feel sorry for all of you having to be so dependent on the weather.
    Hope it stays fine. Good wishes.

  7. Frightening how the weather has affected everyone this year...sending good thoughts and prayers for you all.

  8. The weather forecast is a joke around here. If the weatherperson say 80% chance of rain with thunder and lightning that means pack your bags were going to the beach because it's going to be sunny all day. My husband says that the only job where you can actually get paid for being wrong! Frustrating to say the least...

  9. As if ranching isn't enough work, you have to throw the guessing in there? Your attitude is always so soft that I think we don't get the whole frustrating picture. I said a prayer for you because I for one would probably be having a break down right about now. But then again God knew this. It's why He didn't bring me a rancher, as much as I fantasize about the 'good' life. ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I am holding thumbs (crossing fingers) for you!

  11. Hoping for dry days for you at least until you get those big round bales all stashed.

  12. I'm sorry i can't help you here! I always have the same problems (ours are 30% go go go and 70% means no go) But lately that hasn't really worked for us either!

    I hope 3th cutting goes a lot smoother for you and for us! ;-)


  13. Oh Dear Buttons!!!! I just read this post to my hubs and it sounds like exactly what we have been dealing with in the spraying part of things.
    Except... that we get 100% rain for the last week and a half. I guess this eliminates the guessing game. :))


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