Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Refrigerator!

 You probably notice I have two posts today. I posted tomorrows, along with todays. I hope you enjoy them. I choose not to change this. There is a reason for everything. Enjoy. B

“One ought to see everything that one
has a chance of seeing,
because in life
not many have one chance, and none
               John Masefield

About the time most of you read this I will be on a train, heading to take care of some of those things on my plate. I love the train it always gives me lots of time to relax, and think.
  It is 6:00a.m. Tuesday morning. I am sitting at the table looking out my big window. I am watching two deer graze around the new bales in the field. They are a nice red colour this time of year, beautiful.
 I see some movement back behind them; I grab the binoculars. It is a mother hen and her eight little turkeys. A big blue Heron flies overhead to places unknown.. This is why I love early mornings.
 There are big puddles on the ground, a welcome sight; it must have been a good rain yesterday. I know many of you are waiting for your rain, I hope you get it soon.
 Our pastures are almost non-existent; we are feeding the last, of last years hay. Our girls don’t like that very much; they keep searching for the elusive green grass in the dry fields. The watering hole and the ponds are very low. It is going to take a lot more rainy days to rectify that situation. We can only hope it gets better.

 I can hear the Robin singing her song outside my window, welcoming the morning. I can also hear my refrigerator humming. These are the only sounds this early morning. I hope the refrigerator stops soon. Its sound seems to bother me more today.
 Life has been a little crazy here. With all the outside worries I am finding this year much more demanding.
 Everyone has these times in his or her lives, and I know it will pass in time. I cannot control everything around me, even if I want to.
 The refrigerator has stopped running. Peace.

Photo Friday will be delayed, I will return soon.



  1. Rain...what a sweet word!

  2. Thinking of you Buttons.

  3. How nice to share your morning sights and sounds.
    All the best :D)

  4. Bless you B. I hope all goes well. Safe travels.

  5. Travel safely, Pilgrim, until we meet again. You have spent and shared a lovely morning...

  6. When it rains, it pours. I hope it rains while you take care of business. :)

  7. i agree! this year is running past us also! have fun on the train.

  8. i hope you can tend to your outside issues and return with less worries. congrats on the rain. we sure could use some in texas too...

  9. I really enjoyed sharing your early morning sights and sounds with you and I hope that whatever it is that has taken you away from home is something pleasant. If not, I hope it is resolved/dealt with speedily and that you can relax completely on your homebound journey on the train.

  10. We finally had a rain too. Not nearly enough. Our pastures are about gone too. What to do? Thinning out stock is what we are doing.

    Have a relaxing trip.

  11. Hope your trip goes well...and glad you got your rain! (we could use some here...the late corn and beans are thirsty!)

  12. Bon voyage. Waiting to hear about your trip.

  13. Take it easy Buttons. One baby step at a time. Enjoy you train trip and we'll see you home safely.

  14. relaxing train rides, i love the sound of a train whistle!!!!

    i love the rain....we need it here!! xo

  15. Stay strong. It shall pass. Enjoy the train ride. I too enjoy the mornings on my porch with a cup of hot coffee. My thoughts are with you on your journey.

  16. ohhhh i hate trains haha! That would not be a good day for me! But truth to be told i have NEVER been on a train here in America.... so maybe that would be different...

    And i'm glad i can make you smile every now and then...



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