Sunday, July 24, 2011

"To and Fro" and Laughter!

          “Strange when you come to think of it,
          that of all the countless folk who
          have lived before our time on this planet
          not one is known in history or in legend
          as having died of laughter.”

                             Sir  Max Beerbohm

  It is Wednesday morning; I love the train the sway of the cars, To and Fro, To and Fro, a motion that carries me off to dreamland every time.
 Well this sounds nice doesn’t it?  Do not drink coffee; I repeat do not drink coffee before or you will have to walk down the aisle holding on to the seats as you go to find the “Little girls room”. The To and Fro is not as much fun now. Hold on whoops to much Fro “Sorry Sir”

 You get to the little tiny door with the locking button, and enter the small stainless steel room with an assortment of gadgets for your convenience. Oops more Fro, maybe a little To. Now that was a challenge. No more coffee. That sure was noisy, I wonder if it really goes on to the tracks below?
Now, wash my hands. How does this work? To  Fro, hit the wall, ouch. Water all over the front of my pants. Try to find the towels, where are you hiding? I guess I could always use my wet pants.
 Yeah mission accomplished.

 Back to my seat, after a walk down the long aisle. Oops; To and  Fro, To and Fro.
Crash down on the seat, with my wet pants. What must they be thinking? Off to sleep.
Laughter is important.



  1. Definitely not the Orient Express, but an adventure nonetheless. It's been a long time since I've seen the inside of a train. Hope you got that little snooze you wanted and arrived at your destination safely. Debi

  2. LOL! thanks for taking us along on the aisle walk!

  3. I would love a train ride! Did the To and Fro lul you off to sleep?

  4. Loved the the quote. I've never been on an actual moving train before, well ones that actually travel like this one. I'm not sure I would enjoy the movement as I tend to get sea sick. But really enjoyed from your eyes.

  5. You gave us all a good laugh at your expense! I rather enjoyed the whole experience. You got a couple of really good pictures!

  6. I would love to do this with the kids. What an adventure it would be for them. Thanks for sharing

  7. hahaha....the walk of shame, been there, done that!!!

  8. I love riding trains. My first train ride was in 1946 when my mom and I went from Indiana to North Carolina to visit my grandma.

  9. wow, never been on one of those! cool!!

  10. I was curious if there was record of anyone ever dying of laughter. Looked it up on Snopes which is supposed to know the truth of all things. Their answer was--Yes.

    On March 1975 a 50-year-old bricklayer, Alex Mitchell of Ling's Lynn in Norfolk, England, kicked the bucket while roaring with laughter at one of his favorite television shows...Mitchell's fatal fit of glee involved a kilted Scotsman's flailing away with his bagpipe at a vicious black pudding intent on attacking him. Mitchell was unable to stop laughing, and after 25 min. gave one last belly laugh, slumped on the settee and died," said his widow who witnessed his passing.

    A fictional version of laughing to death: "When Bill was gettin' on in years, a Boston man came down to New Mexico for a visit. He fancied himself a bit of a cowboy. Got himself one of them mail-order suits, don't ya know. The ones with the lizard skin boots, a shiny brass belt buckle, a new pair of blue jeans and a huge 10 gallon hat with not a speck of dust on it. Well, Pecos Bill saw him trying to swagger into a bar, he just lay down on the sidewalk and laughed himself to death!"

    Even so...what a way to go. I laughed at your experience of the to and fro trip to the loo. But I didn't die.

  11. Enjoy your adventure!! theres nothing like being on a moving train for long distances, meeting people you otherwise would never have contact with - a small eclipse of the earth contained in a fast moving metal can lol and those bathrooms can be a watershow - sounds like you know from personal experience lol!

    Once on a solo trip I rode back from Whitefish Mt to WI - rode in the back, and met three Assiniboine - one was an artist, the other a teacher, and the other was a musician, all coming from a powwow - I learned things that I otherwise wouldnt have at all...What started our conversation was the big grizzily that the artist pointed out to me through the train window as the fast moving landscape sped by (his first name was marvin lol)...and it ended hours later at wolf point.

    I hope you have just as perfect train ride too, friend!

  12. Haha! Thanks for the laugh, Buttons. Just what I enjoy on a bleak Monday morning. xx Maa

  13. Oh dear, you have to laugh. I did a 9 hour train trip with my kids ages ago when they were 4 and 6 years old so as well as the toilet trips you have "are we there yet" as the train stops at different stations to collect/deliver passengers. I did have a bag filled with books/games as well as playing a modified game of "I Spy" with the scenery.

  14. I liked this little peep into your train journey :D)


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