Monday, July 18, 2011

The View!

“The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
                          Eden Phillpotts

 After a very, very long day. What can be better than this?

 The view of the full moon; its light shining on the field of new round bales, all the while casting its magical beams on the barn. Seen through my new back kitchen window, from the seat of my favourite (kick back, and relax) chair.

 Nothing. Life is good.



  1. Nothin' better than lookin' out over the fields where you have worked so hard...and relax as you enjoy the beauty of a rising moon shining down in approval.

  2. The moon was fantastic this month and when it's shining on perfect winter feed for the livestock, it is doubly beautiful.

  3. Same thoughts same night! Did you get a violent thunderstorm this morning? Power go out! Did here right during milking.

  4. What a lovely ending to a busy day :)


  6. i think i remember seeing a blog post about the pictures above the window....maybe a thrift store find or maybe from one of the auctions!!! my eye was distracted by them!!

    the "perfect" ending to a busy day!!!

  7. The view of the moon lately has been brilliant.

  8. Such a pleasant view you have from your kick-back and relax chair. What could be better than a field full of harvested hay with a huge golden moon to light up the night. I hope you've finished with you can go on to the next big project.

  9. nothing like your favorite chair, and a beautiful view of the things we live for and love! have a great week.


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