Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Was I Thinking! and The Lesson!

          “The best thing one can do when it is raining
          is let it rain.”
                              Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 Today was to be a busy day. I had to go to a town about an hour away. First I must stop at the Co-op store to get some things. I rush out of the house at 7:30. I wanted to get this job done, as I had to rush back home, then head in the opposite direction to get parts for the disc-bine.
 Rush, rush, rush.
 I take the very busy four-lane highway instead of my normal route. The man at the Co-op said they were paving that road. I did not want to waste anytime sitting in traffic. I head on to the busy highway and get to my destination rather quickly. When I have finished that job I decide I will pop into a Value Village store to see if they have any curtain hooks. It was sunny and I would make up time on the highway. No luck, so I run back to the Jeep, it starts to sprinkle rain. I pull on to the busy highway full of Friday long weekend traffic.
 About ten minutes into the drive the sky opens up and I am now in a wall of water, surrounded by what looks to me like a film of plastic wrap. I could not see in front, nor behind me. It was scary. A truck passes by me and throws volumes of water onto my windshield, now I have no vision. I think of pulling over but I was not sure if the shoulder of the road was safe, I decide to stay where I am, and proceed cautiously. I drop my speed down to 100 km an hour. All the traffic in front has dropped their speed. As I white knuckle the drive, I pray the people behind me have dropped theirs.
 I drive all the time wishing for an exit ramp sign. I can see parts of the side of the road are now washed out, I am grateful I did not pull off the road. After what seems like hours in my mind, I see the exit, off I go. I now pull off to the side and just sit and relax. I look up and see this magnificent barn.

The Lesson!

“Life is a beautiful and strange winged creature
that appears at a window
flies swiftly through the banquet hall,
and is gone.”

                         The Venerable Bede

 I take my time driving; it is foggy, and raining very hard. I watch the rain bounce off the windshield. I am driving less than 60km an hour. I am more relaxed and not gripping the steering wheel (white knuckling it). I observe my surroundings; I am not in a rush.
 What is that ahead?  I come to a stop. Could that be the pavers? (In the pouring rain). I take a photo.

 I am now in a very long line of vehicles driving 10km an hour behind whatever this is. We all drive for about half an hour behind this slow moving thing. It finally turns down a road and I see what it is. It is a tractor hauling a full load of grain. I am pretty sure this farmer was harvesting his field before being caught in this freak rainstorm. I am also sure that grain would have been floating in that wagon. Poor farmer. I continue on my way.

 I drive into another little town and the streets are flooded. The storm drains are overflowing. I cannot believe the amount of water running down the streets. I head out through town and head down more back roads. The rain is starting to pour heavily again. I pull to the side of the road.
I again look up and see this magnificent sight.

 I finally head down my very muddy, gravel road towards home. I drive in my driveway, I run into the house. I am soaked. My trip home has taken two hours.
 The lesson. Don’t rush through life, it passes quick enough and you will miss the beauty that lies in front of you. Slow down, and enjoy the view.

The rain has stopped; off I head to get those disc-bine parts. I will be taking my time.



  1. What a lovely post. It's true that we often rush through life and don't see the beauty that's before us. I especially like the picture of the windmill.

  2. A little rain is good for the soul. Enjoy it. Embrace it. At the end of your JOURNEY, you'll be glad you did...

  3. oh, all that rain looks glorious, but also very dangerous while you're driving in it. glad you made it safely home!

  4. Wow, as they say, when it rains it pours. Hope this does not mess up your hay crop.

  5. Poor Farmer. Don't know if he can save a wagon full of wet grain.

  6. Nature has a way of making us slow down doesn't it. That was quite a shower!

  7. Poor farmer! Oh I hope that some of the grain was salvaged!! As for the other photos...that windmill picture is just phenomenal!

  8. Rain is is not rushing...

  9. At least you were prepared with your camera! Preparation comes in many forms.

    Thanks for taking a moment in your busy day to send out a fine view of what you saw. I'm also glad you survived the nasty drive in that storm.

  10. I pray the heavens will open up on us soon. I don't like driving in rain storms either especially a downpour where you can hardly seen. You took some gorgeous photos. I had forgotten what rain looked like! Debi

  11. New meaning to the word: deluge.
    Wishing you a dryer day....and luck to the Farmer.


  12. Oh,it was like you were given markers or "posts" all the way home ; visions to reflect on, and keep you on your path! that is soo neat!

  13. You make such good sense B :D)

    Such a downpour!

  14. If only we could remember that. Great post, B. Love the photos -- glad you are okay.

  15. That rain looks delicious! The drought is killing us here.


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