Wednesday, August 3, 2011

# 610 and My Girls!

 “Through the survival of their children,
happy parents are able to think calmly
and with a very practical affection,
of a world in which they are to
have no direct share.”
             Walter Pater.

What does this number mean?                Freedom.

 Yes those last six hay fields were baled on Monday. This is the final count on the baler, 610, at least till the second cutting. My Hero, and our friend J, finished about 4:30. I was lucky enough to not have to help. My girls are both here and I was able to spend the afternoon with them, a special treat for me.
 We decided we would fly their kites they had since they were children. We have not flown kites together for years. The wind was perfect; K got mine up in the air all I had to do was watch it dance, and dance. This was very relaxing. I was enjoying this till mine crashed to the ground. Since I was very brave I had let a lot of line out. I am sure I had to roll up the line for a mile, in a clover field. It was tangled and that was not fun. I truly did enjoy it though.

 My girls are down planning for their trip of a lifetime. They will be travelling to Holland in a few weeks. They will be going with their Oma who is 87, two Uncles, their Cousin and her very significant other. This will be M’s second trip to Holland and K’s very first trip. Neither has ever travelled with their Oma.
 This will be a truly amazing experience to see the culture, and the lifestyle all through the eyes of their Oma. They will see where Oma and Opa grew up.They will meet family they have only heard about but never met. I am so excited for them. They will hear the stories of the sometimes-harsh life Oma, and Opa experienced during the war, and the happy moments of the wonderful childhood before.

 They will be gone for just over two weeks. I will be babysitting. Miss Mollee and I will be sitting, or standing by the window patiently awaiting their return. We look forward to seeing all the photos, and hearing the tales of this great adventure.



  1. Have a great trip girls. We take our grandma back home to see everyone. She too grew up in a harsh environment and moved here for work and a better life.


  2. What a great opportunity, to see your grandmother's homeland their her eyes...the trip of a lifetime, indeed.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful trip. I've always wanted to visit Holland and Ireland. The picture of Miss Mollee looking out the window is adorable.

  4. The old timers are getting fewer and fewer. It is so nice that they will get to share some of their heritage. Good Gollee enjoy Miss Mollee!

  5. What a wonderful destination. I can't wait to see the photos!

  6. holland...a wonderful place. i hope they take lot's of pictures!!

  7. wow! sounds like a fantastic trip for them! love the kitty cat shot of 'patiently' waiting. :)

    hurray for hay baling success!

  8. Gosh---I haven't flown a kite in ages. I've GOT to do that!

  9. Wow! How lovely for them all, it's a pity you are not going too! I do hope they have a grand the cat :)
    Love M xxxx

  10. Beautiful kites - what fun!
    A wonderful trip ahead of the girls :D)

  11. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! How neat that they can go with their Oma and other relatives!!

  12. What an opportunity!! Love the kitty shot.

  13. Ah the sign of a good momma ; one who is willing to watch joyfully while her children take a trip of a lifetime - we are wishing them a safe journey, and lots of memories to share with you when they get home ;)!

  14. ooohhhh fun!!!!! and what great memories with family that will be made!

  15. it's wonderful that oma will get to be their tour guide! what a wonderful opportunity that will provide them with a lifetime of memories!

    and one can never out grow kite flying...

  16. The kite flying sounds amazing :-). Hope they will enjoy their trips! :-)

  17. Congratulations! Enjoy your break... before the second cutting.

    What a fabulous opportunity your girls have. There is nothing like living another culture with someone who can explain it all to you!

    You and Miss Mollee have a nice time together... those girls will be back soon enough.

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. Hooray for the end of the least for a week or two. I hope the wet weather didn't do too much damage to your crop.

    How exciting to travel to the home of your grandparents with them as guides. I'm jealous and excited for them. Laughed at Miss Mollee checking out the view.

  19. They will always cherish this trip and the memories they will be making. Debi

  20. What a wonderful trip! I am so happy for them. What an experience.

  21. Wow....what a trip that will be for all of them.....

  22. I'm an Oma and Petal an Opa to our grand children.

    How exciting for the girls to go back to my homeland. I came to this country when I was four and have never been back. I have doubts that I'll ever get to see the house I was born in ( except on Google maps). Hope they have a wonderful time.
    I absolutely love puss ( Mollie)...she is so sweet standing there like that. Maa


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