Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Cat Vacation!

             “Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable,
               wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reason.
                                            Robertson Davies

Looks like fog. A little early for me.

Well this morning Miss Mollee and I arose to find our world was blanketed in a thick fog. This would no doubt delay the baling of hay. So I thought I would take advantage of this and show M that Miss Mollee is missing her terribly.

Grass is nice.

OK  missing you here.

Now I'm over it.

My security blanket or should I say bag.

Yes this is my chair.

Massages are great.

Have a great time I know I am.

Sorry M. Love You. Miss Mollee says “Hurry Back” or does she?

 Have a great time M, and K, we are doing fine here.  Love Mom and Dad.



  1. such a cute kitty! love that top stretch!

  2. LOL, looks like Miss Mollee is being spoilt at Grandma Buttons' place ;D)

  3. Beautiful cat....don't like the look of M

  4. I love the quote! So very true. :)

    Miss Mollee reminds me of one Miss Nolee who would be sending similar messages to E, were she to take off to another continent!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Cute cat, but I wonder, do cats really miss their humans, or is it just the change in attentions which they notice?

  6. cats...... my Mom used to say they only really give you "cupboard love" know ..... because you are the one who goes to the food cupboard and you are the one who feeds them...whoever "you" is on the given day .... but, they are lovely...and they do have such soft fur...and I love to pet them.....

  7. Cats do know how to find that spot of sun. I also get amused at the way they will use whatever soft thing is lying on the floor for their napping place.

  8. Miss Mollee has an impressive girth! Just like me!

  9. Miss Mollee appears to be a sweetie!

  10. What BIG eyes you have my dear! What a cutie:))

  11. Tough life being a cat. She looks rather...content.

  12. Gorgeous pictures of a decidedly contented looking Miss Molly! I think she's lapping up all the attention you are giving her. No signs of any pining going on there!

  13. What a life these cats have. They should be in commercials!


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