Friday, August 12, 2011

Child's Play!

“When I bring you coloured toys,
my child,
I understand why there is such
a play of colours on clouds, on water,
and why flowers are painted in tints.”

                               Rabindranath Tagore

  I know you have been waiting patiently for my auction experience to appear. Here is a sample of toys from long ago.
  I am sure we all have a favourite childhood toy memory.
 Imagine; these toys have been around for generations.


What was your favourite childhood toy?

 I do not remember having too many toys as a child  but I did have a doll like the one above, I think.
 I had six brothers, things happen. I guess she did not have brothers.



  1. Wow, those are cool :-)

    To be honest I can't remember having a favourite. I do remember 2 dolls in particular that I loved. My mum even made clothes for them. I remember this tiny miniature knitted teddy that I now have the pattern for. And the one Christmas I really really wanted a pink panther toy. And I used to have some kind of rag doll that my mum made when I was born - I wonder what happened to it???

  2. the farm set - with old wooden barn, plastic farm animals, metal tractor with hay wagon... :)

  3. I had 7 brothers, so dolls were my friends, but I had little in the way of them either. I was always the goalie for their sports. I always wanted a doll pram. But it was impractical to have for it would have been used by too many things by brothers. Mum saw through that I think. My dolls were all homemade, faceless dolls, but I loved them. Now I have the live kind. No pram but a stroller that has lasted 20 years.

  4. That looked like a fun auction! My favorite toy was a Chatty Cathy doll and I still have her...she hasn't talked in a long, long time:)

  5. I had a Ft Apache---complete with stockade, Indians (native Americans---ha ha), cavalrymen, horses, etc. Many is the battle I fought with them on the living room floor. The cavalry always won. Those were the days.

  6. I loved playing with paper dolls. A cardboard doll and cut out the paper clothes with tabs that would fold back and sit on the doll. I used to enjoy designing and making up my own version of clothes to dress them in.

    Your photos show a lovely range of old, and well-loved, toys. Can remember having one of those xylophones for a while :D)

  7. That stuff is classic. I'll bet there could be big bucks available for all of it on Ebay. The little xylophone brought back some memories for me. So did the rocking/bouncy horse. Thanks.

  8. Most of my child hood toys were built in my imagination. I had a few, a walking doll, a baby doll and a truck. I believe I enjoyed my truck the most...and marbles, I could play marbles all day long.

  9. I had a baby doll and a "Toni" doll, never played with them, I didn't like the creepy eyes that opened and shut. I did have paper dolls, my Grandmother always gave me the Betsy McCall ones out of the magazines. Usually we were sent outside and I played with my brother - cowboys and Indians. Then I learned to read, the games were over.

  10. An interesting reminder of toys from the past. My favourite was a miniature porcelain tea set. I did not really play with my dolls.

  11. What a play day for the camera! These toys are so wonderful for the imagination.

    I had a favorite stuffed dog. He was covered in soft curls in a creamy white. He was given to me by my grandfather and I slept with it until I was married. Then in a crazy act of purging, I threw him away... I know, I still don't get it. I just thought that that was what 'mature' women did!

    Now that I have learned to knit and spin I understand that the reason he was so soft was he was covered in real animal fiber. I don't know what it was but it was sooo soft and silky. Did I mention that he was soft? Sad, sad.

  12. oh wow! those are OLD toys! hmmm my favorite must be my little horse on weels...

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  13. i had a doll named velvet, her hair grew. she was my all time favorite.

    wonderful pictures of some really old toys, i really enjoyed this!!!

    have a great weekend!!!

  14. I had two younger sisters, so most of my toys went to them when outgrew them. We had Barbies, of course, but I remember playing in the sand with trucks and shovels. Hours and hours. :)


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