Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cow Candy!

“One can never pay in gratitude;
one can only pay “in kind”
somewhere else in life.”

         Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Monday afternoon I watch as our very good friend J drives around, and around the field. I had some errands to run and J has graciously offered again, to rake the fields of hay.
 I have no idea how we will ever let J know just how much this means to us. He spent the better part of the afternoon raking. Thank you J.
  This is the second cut, we are going to have a nice warm week with no rain, well that is the forecast, so we thought it was the right time. My Hero decides to cut as much as he can, it sure looks like a lot, and we hope for a good day. There are three fields down.
  The second crop is not as thick as the first but it is very desirable hay. We need to make sure it is well dried in the sun before we bale it.

 Our cows absolutely love this second cut hay. The overwhelming fragrance of sweet clover, and alfalfa mingling together, a delight for the senses.
 Our cows are standing looking across the road, watching J rake. I know they smell it; their noses are in the air. I am sure they are wishing they could jump this darn fence. I am sure Mandy is saying to her new calf “yes that is the good stuff.”

 They will truly enjoy this hay in the dead of the winter. I will drop a couple of bales in the feeders, on to the snow-covered ground, the cold wind whistling past their ears. They will push, and shove each other trying to get the sweetest spot. I compare this to taking a kid into the candy store and just letting them get what they want. Munching down the sweets, with big smiles on their faces.

 I will be baling this hay Tuesday afternoon, as it was not dry enough on Monday. I will start as early as I can, hopefully the dew will not be to heavy. Lets hope the forecast is right and the sun will shine all day. This is going to take most of my day, My Hero will finish up what is left after his work.
 I love baling as long as it goes well. If you are wondering where I am all day, I will be out making candy for my cows.
 I can see them smiling already.



  1. I read this and weep. There will be NO second cut here. With drought situations, Mr. Agriculture said no second cut. I have loaded my barn with as much as I can get in there to last me to 1st cut in May; it is dreadful. The price will go up in another week. I just love the look of your fields, so lush. I'm sure those cows do smell it in the air. I love hay time. Good luck and I hope you get the sunny weather to dry the hay.

  2. alfalfa...say no more

    If I were there I would have the same doleful look on my face looking on the other side of the fence!

  3. oh, good luck! my nose was smelling the fresh cutting too! sweet, pungent hay!!!

  4. Debi I am so sorry my heart breaks thinking of you and all the others that are going through this. We are blessed this year I wish I could get this hay down to you. I know what this is like we have been through these situations before and they are horrible. I am praying for you.Take care. I wish I could give you a big hug. B

  5. This reminds me of making dinners for the freezer...so nice to have

  6. Love to smell drying hay...hoping things stay dry for you!

  7. Hope the weather cooperates and you get just the right amount of dew and sun to make the cow candy perfect. Too bad we can't bail up some of this sunshine and blue sky to bring out in January when it's so cold it hurts to breathe.

  8. I have to say that there is naught sweeter than second cut hay.......

    Have a lovely Almost Autumn Day!


  9. Mmmm. Cows are not the only ones who like the aroma of new mown hay. :)

  10. Make hay while the sun shines. Well, someone had to say it!

  11. Lovely to have help. Hope all goes well!

  12. beautiful photos. we lost our new hay field due to too much rain then heat. but we have more luckily. have fun baling!

  13. Fresh hay is my favorite smell, after the smell of horses. You are very lucky to get a second cutting, the weather has been so bad.

    Enjoy your day!

  14. Mmmmm...that left a smile on my face! Hugs Maa

  15. Oh yes, I can smell it too!


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