Monday, August 8, 2011

The Dam!

 “I wandered to-day to the hill, Maggie
      To watch the scene below,
The creek and creeking old mill,
      As we used to, long ago.”

                George Washington Johnson

 When I was young this was a very special place. My brothers, and sisters, my Mom, and myself would spend hours here on those hot summer days.
 We would walk through the village with our old, tattered towels, and the baby oil and iodine sunscreen concoction, my Mom had made. We would have a saltshaker with us, and we were happy.
 We would be laughing, and giggling, skipping to the music of anticipation, dancing in our heads. I remember my Mom was more excited than we were, even when she had to scream at the boys to settle down, she was smiling ear to ear.
 She was always trying to occupy the minds of ten rambunctious children while my poor shift working Dad, was either at home trying to sleep, or at work. At the time, I could never have imagined how hard this must have been.
  I remember the conversations as we walked, my sister P, and I always walking together, always watching and making sure the little ones did not run on to the road.  We would talk about school, and about how we could not wait to get in the nice cool rushing water. We were always hoping our brothers did not get to rambunctious, requiring our Mom to cut the fun short, and march us all back home.

 When we came here, the dam was much higher, and there was more water in the stream. The water on the one side was very deep, and the other side was shallow but always rushing fast. We would sit under the falls against the dam wall, the water, racing fast over our heads. We would stay dry, and thought of this as a magical hiding place where no one could see us. The fast moving water, when we stretched out our hands, splashing back in to our faces making us laugh, and laugh. I loved this.
  We would lose all track of time here. I wonder if my Mom wore a watch?  I never knew. There was only one thing I did not like about this adventure, coming out of the water with big, black bloodsuckers stuck to you. Sometimes someone would scream and cry until Mom would pour the salt on them and they fell off. OK that was probably only me. Yuck!

 I returned to this spot the other day. It was quiet, and peaceful, I watch as a couple of Mothers, and their children walk over to the water. The kids were so excited. They started splashing each other, and laughing. I am smiling, all the old memories flooding my mind. Too bad the water is so low, and it is not rushing fast over the dam. They would love that. I know!

 Thanks Mom.



  1. I love your reminiscences. Things just aren't the same when we revisit our childhood haunts years later....

  2. I love visiting the special places of my childhood! As you well know.

    Thanks for taking me along.

  3. What a special memory. Thanks for explaining the reason for the salt shaker. :)

  4. Great pictures. I especially like the last one. The water looks so cool and peaceful. I shudder to think of you having leeches on you when you came out of the water. Glad your mom was prepared with the salt. Smart mom.

  5. we used to wade in Mill Creek in Wisconsin when i was a kid. we always took a chip off the cattle salt block before heading down there for the same reason - to get the leeches to release. :)

  6. Such a magical place! I wish I had that here, I would be there every day.

    Beautiful memories.

  7. Hey, thanks for bringing back some super fun memories of my own. Tattered towels, swim suits and blood suckers--been there and loved it. Okay, not the blood suckers.

  8. oh it is so great to remember those things! And yeah those blood suckers are just euhhhhh YICK! haha

    And no that was not the reason we choose for the US... I was fortunate to meet a LOT of sweet and fun people there!

  9. What fun! That is a big family! I'm sure glad you explained about the salt shaker. I was wondering when you casually threw that in there. Thanks for sharing a fun memory.

  10. thanks for passing that smile along! leeches are probably the reason i never learned how to swim! ha!!

  11. That's real nice to read about. It's beaut how a little outing like that means so much when we're children. Even though things were not the same, it was good you went back to the same spot. Seeing other children enjoying themselves.

    Mine was when Mum would make sandwiches, take us to the beach in the late afternoon and Dad would join us after his work had ended. For some reason they were special times.


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