Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Date!

           “I can believe anything, provided it is incredible.”

                          Dorian Gray

 There they go. I wish I had of been much closer. It would have been an incredible shot.
I am standing in my kitchen window; I am looking through the binoculars. I am watching Mandy the cow. She is looking for her new calf.

My Hero and I went on a date last night. We knew it was starting; yes it is calving time again. I will have lots of stories to share with you very soon, I am sure.
 Oh yes back to my date. Or should I say farm date.

We walk down the lane hand, in hand, chatting about our day. I stop and take photos, and he checks out the woodpile, the scrap pile, and the fence. This is a farm date for sure, the difference being; we spend time together enjoying each other’s company, only we are heading into the bush searching for calves instead of dinner, and a movie. I enjoy these dates as much or maybe even a little more.

 We walked the whole bush, watching for the new calf we know is back here. Through the paths the cows have made, through the paths My Hero has cleared through the bush for my snowshoeing, and through the horrible prickly ash bushes. I must tell you I had a nice date blouse on, as I did not know it would involve all this. I did think it was just a walk when I left. We hike across the pipeline, and into the back woods but we did not see it. Defeated we head back to the house. We are almost there when we meet Mandy heading back to her calf. We decide to go back and follow her. This is important since we have been hearing the coyotes howling at night.
 We make our way through the same bush we had just left, the same prickly ash bushes, and the same hills. She keeps going, and going; all of a sudden we look, and she is gone. She gave us the slip. We decide to split up, I head into the prickly ash, (oh my blouse). It is starting to get dark in this thick part of the bush.

 All of a sudden from the far side I hear “She is over here” I run to see. There she is with a little white bull calf. A most beautiful sight. We head to the house, we can only hope she brings it closer; we did not want to stress them out. The sun is setting and it has been a lovely date, well except for the rip in my blouse.

 I am standing at my window today, looking through my binoculars; I am watching Mandy search the ground for her calf, her nose to the ground sniffing.
 I watch as more than a dozen adult and young turkeys being frightened by Mandy, fly straight up into the trees. They are now roosting high in the tallest trees.  I wish I were back there with my camera. What an incredible sight, I must remember to tell My Hero.


I just wanted to update you on the fire from yesterdays post. It was a barn fire. It was at a very large dairy operation. I am pretty sure it was a barn used for hay and equipment I have not heard of any animals being hurt. Our prayers are with the family at this horrible time. This farm is many miles away. B


  1. I loved reading about your farm date and seeing your special photos!
    It's beaut also to read about calving time on your farm. Mandy's little calf is gorgeous - bright eyes shining in the dark!

    What a shame it was a barn fire. I was thinking to myself it may have been something not too bad perhaps. It would be a bad loss for those people.

  2. i hope mandy's calf is safe and sound.

    i cringe for that farmer and his barn/hay. terrible...

  3. what a lovely date, despite the shirt! so sorry to hear about the trouble at the dairy...glad no people were hurt. hope you're right about no animals too.

  4. Thanks for the fire update. So sorry for those who are left with the disaster.

    I guess your date turned into quite an adventure. Good to see the new baby was okay. Good lookin' guy.

  5. i did a shadow picture yesterday, of the hubs and i.

    farmers work so hard, their farm is everything. so sad to hear it was a barn, someone's entire world and livelyhood!!!

  6. So sad about the's a terrible thing.

    Your date sounds sweet! It's wonderful you can turn everyday farm events into beautiful moments with someone you love:)
    I love it!!!!!

  7. so sorry about your neighbors loss. i hope it's just a matter of property that insurance can cover.

    your little calf is just precious! you've put the song "mandy" in my head now but i'm altering to words to give it a cow/calf theme. (don't ask.)

  8. I think it's great that you enjoy farm dates as much as evenings out to a movie. You have a good attitude.

    Has Mandy's calf come closer to the barn where it's safer?

    How awful that the fire was a dairy barn even if no animals were hurt.

  9. Sounds like many of the dates I and my hubby have on the weekends when he's back home, safe and sound. :)

    I do hope your little calves all stay safe and healthy. I know this must be a stressful time for you both.

  10. These are my favorite kinds of dates, walking around, checking fences, looking for calves, checking the grass (or what is left of it!) That is when my husband and I get to talk without too much interuption. Your little calf is the cutest little baby!

  11. I hope to see more photos of that pretty little calf in the future. Sounds like a neat walk. Too bad about that barn - a huge loss.

  12. That little cow face was so sweet. And your date night sounds pretty awesome, to me.

  13. That is my kind of date. Sounds perfect. I love the photo of the shadows holding hands:)

  14. What a rich life you lead...

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I'm glad I came to visit you. Think I'll be back sometimes if that's OK.


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