Monday, August 15, 2011

The Desk!

 “A poet must to some extent be a
chameleon, and feed on air,
But it need not be
The musty breath of the multitude.”

                      James Matthew Barrie

 I have heard of it but never seen it before. This beautiful desk has every drawer lined with it. Birds Eye Maple, it is incredibly beautiful.
 I tried to convince My Hero how much of a beauty it was, he agreed with that but he could not see my vision.

 My computer, my writing material, and some books sitting atop it in my kitchen, the light from my big window shining down on it. I am pretty sure he was fixated on his vision. The weight of it, and getting many men to help load it into our truck, and then coming home and staring at it in the truck wondering how he alone with me watching could possibly move it into our kitchen. Impossible.
 Imagine all the stories that would seep out of this desk, absorbed into the paper laying upon it. Stories from long ago, flowing through my pen.
 My imagination takes me back;
 I creep down the creaking back stairs in the dark of the night, the moon shining through the window. It is very chilly, I grab my shawl hanging on the banister, I wrap it around my white cotton gown, and I adjust my sleeping bonnet.
 I grab the oil lamp, light it and place it on the desk. I put my gold-rimmed glasses on. I open my special drawer on the left. I squint in the low light. I pull out a piece of yellowed parchment paper. I run my fingers over it, a feeling of peace overcomes me. I remove the cap from the inkwell, I grab my quill pen. I dip the pen into the black ink. I put pen to paper. A ritual I would repeat over, and over.
 Dip the pen, write being careful not to spill, blot, dip the pen, write, blot. Oh the stories that flow.

 Well I wish I had the money, and My Hero was Superman. I would have been writing on this desk right now instead of my kitchen table.
 The desk sold for $800. I thought this was too low but it went to the farm next door. I hope they enjoy the stories.



  1. Bummer. I can so see you sitting at this desk, writing and daydreaming. :)

  2. Wonderful sorry you didn't get it!

  3. That is a fine desk...full of stories.:)

  4. it is a beauty. and looks incredibly heavy!

  5. it's gorgeous b...would you have left it as is or refinished it??

    maybe you can visit it......

  6. The desk is beautiful. I hope the people who bought it treasure it as much as you would have.

  7. Nice desk, for sure. And $800 sounds totally decent.

  8. What a pity you couldn't get the desk, never mind you will have to continue to dream it, and as you pass by your neighbours place smile.
    Love M xx

  9. Amazing, the inspiration that flowed from that old historian straight to your keyboard from across the miles. Maybe it just would have been too much right there in your kitchen. Gorgeous yes, but you would have been compelled to write night and day... your husband wants food! ;)

    I have a rolling pin made from birds eye maple. It (the maple) seems so special today that it's hard to imagine that it was used for utilitarian pieces and drawer linings... those were the days.

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. wow, for sure, that is one cool desk!

  11. You have good taste! :) Sorry you didn't get it!

  12. i love all those little drawers for tiny treasures. sorry it wasn't meant to be. but it would probably be sacrilegious to blog from anyhow...

  13. A beautiful desk. So sorry you didn't take it home.

  14. well, i won't tell you then that we have two... just like it!
    We brought them from Holland and we didn't think they were that special untill we came here!

    they are indeed very beautiful but i really think your will write beautiful stories on a normal desk!


  15. "Incredibly beautiful" is right. It's so close. There's gotta be a way you could sneak over there some night while they are out of town and put it in your hover craft and slip it home to your house. You could leave a tiny piece of doll house furniture in its place and a note from a witch.....

  16. That is why I don't go to auctions. I would get my heart set on that and there would be no stopping me. If it is any consolation You wrote a beautiful story about the stories you could write with the desk.

  17. I'm sorry too that the desk isn't in your kitchen.


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