Friday, August 5, 2011

Inquiring Minds!

“Wisdom will repudiate thee if thou
      think to enquire
WHY things are as they are or whence
      they came: thy task
is first to learn WHAT IS, and in
      pursuant knowledge
pure intellect will find pleasure
      and the only ground
for philosophy conformable truth.”

                   Robert Bridges

Do you think I am handsome?


Is that the evil weed?

Is this the thing they call a disc-bine?

What do you think Arnold?

Do you think this is a trap?

YES! Run!

Do you think she is still there?

Did you enjoy this?



  1. Fine looking cattle...quite a variety in color, I like that.

  2. Yes I think you are a beautiful cow. What's the evil weed? I know little about cows. Is it because it's a weed or because it's dangerous to cows? Seems like years ago a friend of mine lost a bottle fed cow because it didn't know about not eating some weed that was bad for them, but can't remember...

    Cindy Bee

  3. Bee Lady that would be my evil weed Wild parsnip. Does not harm cattle as much as me. B

  4. A little joke from my daughter -

    Where do cows go on holiday?

    Moo-York :-)

    Your cows are beautiful and seem to be such cool characters!

  5. Yes! I enjoyed this. Especially the big butts movin' on down the road.

  6. You've got me terrified! If cattle were to become wise... They'd create a mutiny and all of the animals would overthrow the people...!

    I read that once in a book. Only it was the pigs. Did you read it? Animal Farm.

    I say, it's obvious that the haying is finished and you had a little extra time on your hands and found your sense of humor! Love it!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. great shots, i really like cows.
    have a great weekend b!

  8. Gotta love the cattle! We're getting a few more today from my sister. :)

  9. Nice looking herd. They look great!! We have a cow that can figure out if we are up to something and she takes off for the hills.

  10. You can read their minds you know them so well!

  11. haha yes enjoyed it a LOT!

    Thanks boys!

  12. Oh yes, a hunka handsome all right!

  13. G, they are all looking good and with names I presume :)
    Take care, M xxx

  14. Beautiful cattle!
    I came across your blog this morning and I am enjoying reading your journey.

  15. Hahahaha....Oh it seems that your cattle act just like the ones from around here.
    And yes- handsome indeed;))

  16. I think they've got you figured out! hahhah..... silly things....


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