Monday, August 1, 2011


“No coward fear is mine,
   No trembler in the world’s storm troubled sphere:
I see Heaven’s glories shine,
   And faith shines equal, arming me
From fear.”
                 Emily Bronte

 I have a secret, I have been hiding. I have not been in my garden for weeks. I could blame it on the extreme heat, the unending haying, or just too tired but that would not be entirely true.
 I have been intimidated by a weed growing in my garden. I hate to admit it but I am terrified of this weed. All of you have read about my fear of this Wild Parsnip (If not you can read it here).  It has again invaded my garden. I noticed a bit of it a month ago and tried to dig it out. I could not keep up with this noxious weed. I do not use chemicals but was even thinking of that. I eventually gave up. The weed had won.
 I was cowering in my house staring through the window watching my garden being invaded. I could see my scarecrow almost disappearing, as it and all the other weeds surrounded it. Taunting me from afar.
 I could see my tomatoes starting to ripen, my cucumbers flowering, and my kale flourishing all the time I was too afraid to go near it.
 This was stupid; I cannot let this horrible weed intimidate me. I had worked very hard to get this garden in, and all that hard work will not be wasted. This weed will not keep me out of my own garden. Today was the day. I would fight back. I would conquer.

 It was a very early, cool morning, and the dew was heavy. I donned my newer rubber boots, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt. I put on a hat, gloves, and sunglasses to protect my eyes. Here I go, I am still afraid but I have to do this. I know I can, if I can’t I will never beat any fear again.
 I pulled, and pulled. My beautiful vegetables were finally becoming visible. Since the soil was wet the weeds pulled fairly easy. I cringe as I pull out the wild parsnip, it is wet also so I should be all right, and I am well protected.

 My Hero came and cut the perimeter of the garden with the weed whacker while I continued to pull. I was thinking how great this was I was really conquering my fear.
 It took me two hours; it was done. I had won. I will not let a stupid weed intimidate me again. I run in to the house to take a hot, soapy shower, just in case. I guess I still have a little fear.



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

    Urgh, I hate weeds. And that one you had to deal with looks scary!

  2. Way to just get it done...good job.

  3. Good job. And only two hours...not bad. Have you ever heard of bindweed? Well, we have it in our back yard. It's like a small version of kudzu. I started out pulling and snipping it a few years ago. Seems like it would grow back twice as fast. I finally decided I'd have to get the chemicals out. I nuked one entire area to see if I could at least get rid of it in that area. The next year, there it is. Since we are moving neither of us have messed with the back yard this year and the bindweed is taking over. So I understand where you are coming from concerning the weeds.

    Cindy Bee

  4. oh lordy, that is one terrible weed! pins and needles and blurred vision? ugh!

  5. B, we share almost the same secret. I've been hiding also, but because of mosquitoes. They LOVE me and this year their bites have been causing a really bad reaction on me. I'm even dreading cutting the grass. I might have to wear pants in this crazy heat since they seem to go for my legs mainly. I HATE it! I'm sorry about the weed on your yard and completely understand the fear. Hang in there :-).

  6. Crazy to think there was a recipe for wild parsnip in one of my backpacking magazines..not worth the risk of touching the suckers, if you ask me!

  7. Pleased you got rid of that 'weed', I remember how you were back then and obviously we don't forget such things.
    Love M xoxox

  8. Oh gosh, I was just about to leave a comment saying how overblown the panic over wild parsnip was (based on my own completely innocuous response to it) when I read your terrible story. I'll just shut up now.

    I may just go and get some Benadryl to have on hand in case any visitors are not as lucky as I am.

    I'm glad you were able to get it out of your garden!

  9. What an encouragement. Maybe it's time for me to lay down my fear and face my 'weeds'...

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. That is one WICKED weed! I think your respect for its powers and danger are wise, especially after a trip to the hospital and a brush with losing eyesight! I really hope you are on top of the invasion and I wouldn't be above nuking the devils with some chemicals if they come back.

    We have something similar called poison hemlock that grows along river banks.

    Love the boots BTW. If you're going to attack dragons best be dressed for the occasion.

  11. Good for you...that'll teach them to invade your garden and try to intimidate you. My wife would like those boots of yours.:)

  12. Hi — Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like people who say they like my blog. SO...I read both of your posts about the evil wild parsnip, scared myself to bits in case it grows out here (probably not) and looked it up to find out more about it. Very scary article a year ago.

    Best of luck with the dreaded beastly thing. I say break your ban on chemicals in the case of this one thing, since it is so dangerous to yourownself.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. You go girl! I can just see you peeking out your windows at it. haha

  14. The older I get, it seems the more I am affected by things that cause rashes, bumps, itchies, and the like.

    Good for you, B. I know this must have taken alot of courage to get out there and face your nemesis, but you did. :)

  15. um....i love your boots, they are distracting!!

    way to conquer that invasive weed!!

  16. a little fear goes a long way- its always good to use soap and water as a followup - we bring a 7 gallon container of water with us in the truck to clean up when we first get out of the woods for that poison ivy!!


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