Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's a Girl Thing!

          "There is endless merit in a man's knowing to have done."

                                           Thomas Carlyle

 After enjoying the view, I see this beautiful, white haired, frail woman watching me. I smile, and she smiles back. I am carrying a box of goodies My Hero just bought, to the truck.
 When I come back I make my way over to a trailer to read the posts of upcoming auctions taped to the side. I look to my right, and there is this same lovely woman standing beside me. I am reminded of the “Lady By The Lake”, so I take this opportunity to say hello.

 Well I guess this was meant to be, the perfect time. She explains to me that this is her auction sale; we agreed that this was a very hard day. We continued to chat for about half and hour.
 She was explaining that her husband had died last year, just short of their 60th Wedding Anniversary; they had met in public school. She proceeded to tell me she was not well herself, and that the house was getting too much for her to handle. She loved it here, and was not sure if she should stay.
  She needed to talk and I just stood there letting her get all those feelings out. Something deep in my soul, made me hang on every word.
 She is moving to a condo, and it is on the water. This is something she would have truly missed. The water has always been so soothing to her.
 I told her how wonderful it was going to be, and how much easier it would be for her. She tells me she swears her husband came to her in the night, just after she had made the decision, and told her she was doing the right thing, and everything was going to be all right. I informed her that I believed her, and I said  how wonderful that must have been for her.
 We talked about her family, and how much she was missing her husband. She was excited while talking about her grandchildren. I asked her if I could give her a hug, she said yes, we held each other tight.

I hear the auctioneer, "Do I hear $150 ?

Sometimes you just know.



  1. Thank you for taking the time to ease her burden; I'm sure she will treasure that moment.

  2. This was such a special encounter. I am sure your beautiful lady by the lake felt comforted by your words and appreciative of your attentiveness to her concerns! Your small, heartfelt kindness would have given her courage to move ahead with the next phase of her life. Your pictures are so beautifully descriptive of the mood conveyed by your words.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do...she will always remember the lady who lightened her pain on this difficult day.

  4. Just listening is so important and meaningful to those in need. Bless you for being there for her.

    I know a man whose best friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a relatively young age. When I asked him if he had spoken with his friend about it, he said to me, "no---I wouldn't know what to say."

    Just listening is all that is needed.

  5. i am so glad you were there for her when she needed a friendly, listening ear. what a year of transitions and letting go she has had. one that waits for all of us, i'm afraid.

  6. I'm so glad she had someone there to hear her story...

  7. Precious. You were meant to be in that spot at that time. So glad to stayed and listened.

  8. Sometimes a person needs to talk and have someone listen...REALLY listen. How wonderful that you were there for her.

  9. wonderful! that's one of those stop and listen not talk moments... i love talking with older people and hearing their stories.

  10. I really love the barn in your profile picture. If it is yours, please do all you can to preserve and treasure this magnificent structure. These wonderful old barns are disappearing fast in North America. The timber framing was probably all done by hand tools. I would love to see the timber framing inside.


  11. Dear B, what a beautifully tender and generous moment you shared with this lady. I was so touched when I read this post.


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