Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's a Guy Thing?

             “They say a carpenter’s known by his chips.”

                                Jonathan Swift

 Another auction oh my! This is one that will please my male readers also. I do know My Hero was salivating over the tools. I myself was sitting on a park bench, peering over the water, while watching him smile.
 This was a great idea. He is very happy and I get to enjoy the fabulous view, and try to get some unusual shots.

 This was an estate sale for a carpenter. I was informed by one of his friends of just how beautiful his work is. I will have to use my imagination for that one, as none of the things were here to see. I can see that he was very dedicated, and he did have the best of tools. I can also see he was a perfectionist the way the tools are all organized, and well taken care of.

 While men mostly attended this auction, I did love seeing the power tools. I do know how to use them, and I once built an insulated doghouse by myself. It was my very first project, and I am pretty sure it is still being used to this day. There is something about the sound of a skill saw tearing through a piece of wood that still excites me. Making something useful from pieces of wood, gives a sense of accomplishment like no other.

 I can imagine My Hero and or I working in this little shop. The doors are open, we have all the tools we need, and we are gazing out over the beautiful water watching the boats pass by. This would surely stimulate your creativity.

 I am sure this carpenter probably did just that and felt truly blessed.


Stay tuned for It's a Girl Thing!      Coming soon.


  1. i'd like to hire you and your skill saw for a few days, please. i have lots of fun for you to have here! :)

  2. The setting certainly is very pretty and so green! I used to watch my Dad in his workshop. Woodwork was his downtime hobby and he made somely lovely pieces for us all. I know he would have loved that auction :)

  3. My husband (who I think is the best finish carpenter in the USA)would love to be there...though goodness knows he has enough tools....which is what he says about my dishes and linens. Can't wait to see the girl stuff..

  4. If a craftsman takes good care of his tools they will outlive him, and his children. It would be interesting to know what the tools and their owner made.

  5. your pictures are always so interesting!!!

    my husband loves power tools, he always revs them up!!!!

  6. I love working with wood. I'm glad you took the photo from the workshop looking out.

  7. The auction of my dreams! Love those wood working tools.

    Good things for Thursday's Things In A Row, too.

  8. My dad was a carpenter. Fortunately I didn't have to sell his tools and still have a use them.

  9. Looks like the woodworker mus have done some wood turning. It looks like chisels in front of a lathe. My husband would have liked that auction. :))

  10. Buttons, my brother in law was a carpenter. When they retired to a cottage by the ocean he took all his 'gear' with him. Whenever I visited, I could hear John in the shed with the saw going. Onr of the things he made was a beautiful bass, as he was also a bass player in a jazz band. I still remember my sister saying that she kept ice on hand at all times in case of an accident. They have now passed away and I think of them often.
    I love your blog for this evoke so many wonderful memories in me. Thank you. Hugs Maa.


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