Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lady By The Lake!

“I know a lake where the cool waves break
    And softly fall on a silver sand:
And no steps intrude on that solitude
    No voice, save mine, disturbs the strand.”

                        Fitz-James O’Brien

 I have seen her here before, I am sure we enjoy this place for the same reason, it is a special place. She sits on her folding chair, a cooler tucked beside her, a white bonnet upon her head, and sunglasses perched on her nose, knitting, while looking out over the choppy blue water. She like I am enjoying the solitude.
 I have never disturbed her moment, I am not sure if I ever will. If I do, I am sure it will be the right time. I walk past her again; we smile, and nod our heads in acknowledgement. I make my way further down the rocky shore, and sit on my favourite rock. I, like her, immerse myself in deep thought.
 I wonder if our thoughts are of the same kind. The peace that overcomes one by the water is one like no other.
 I am thinking I am about 30 years younger than she is. I wonder if she ventured out from the seniors home down the road, I am  thinking someone would have had to drive her, the chair and the cooler, being a little too much for her.
 What is she thinking? Is she thinking about her youth? Is she enjoying watching the sailboats travelling swiftly across the water on this windy day? Is she wondering what I am thinking, as she glances my way?
 Is she happy?
I think happiness is not found in a geographical place, even though that would certainly be easier. I think it is a part of everyone, a place buried deep in your soul. Everyone possesses it but some finding it very hard to find, for any number of reasons.

 I think this Lady has found it, as she sits smiling, and knitting by this rocky shore. The wind is picking up, the storm clouds are blowing in from across the lake, and still she sits and knits. A car pulls up, and I watch as she packs up her chair, and her cooler. Her daughter, I am assuming, helps her into the car, and off they go. Will she be back tomorrow?

 I know I have found my happiness, even in those dark, doubting moments I knew it was there. I feel very fortunate. I hope you have found yours.
 Someday I will stop and sit with this Lady by the lake, I will take the time to ask her about her life. I know I will be interrupting her moment of solitude, but I am sure we will both know when it is the right time. Is she thinking the same thing?
                                         Have you found your happiness?



  1. I have found my night about ten years ago my husband and I were camping..sitting around the fire. I asked myself if this was the last night of my life would I want to be doing anything else. The answer was no. From that moment that is pretty much the gauge I use...99% of the time the answer is still the same.

  2. When I was a young person - kid/teenager - I wanted to be living right here in Smalltownland and own my very own farm. I am doing that right now.

  3. I love bodies of water like that. I hope to be doing the same thing that lady is when I am her age. Tranquility and serenity are the only companions and it is nice you know that!

    When I go home I always go down to the river and just watch it flow by.

  4. i find the kindest comfort in strangers!!

    i found my joy and happiness a long time doubt about it!!

  5. It is what draws me to the Riverwalk every week.

  6. oh buttons, this is so beautiful. i hope you will stop and speak with this kindred soul one day soon...

  7. i love this! tis true...happiness is inside each of us :)

  8. I do hope you stop to talk with her. Since you have already exchanged smiles, she would most likely treasure a few minutes of your time.

  9. i often see folks sitting and doing and think what their ponder is. It's so reflective.

  10. i'm guessing she'd love to share her thoughts with you! especially if she spends most of her days in a nursing home. she may have some wonderful advice on how to make the best of the next 30 years...

  11. It looks like a wonderful place! Someday maybe we'll hear her story too...
    ps...just read the post about your daughter...I've a lot of catching up to do...haven't been able to spend much time online as of late...but I'm so glad she's doing better!!

  12. I'm the type of person that would never disturb this lady. My husband would have spoken to her on the first day. How did we ever get together? :)

  13. It sounds like you two have a lot in common. When the time is right you will stop and sit with the Lady. Whatever you learn will certainly be valuable.

    I'm jealous that you have easy access to a watery place to think. You are so wise to make time to go there.


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