Monday, August 22, 2011

Men and Listening!

Men with the muck rake are often
indispensable to the well being of
society, but only if they know
when to stop raking the muck.”

            Theodore Rossevelt

Early Saturday morning I drag myself out of bed, I grab myself a cup of coffee then sit at the table staring out my window. The barn door is open so I listen, I know My Hero is out there working but I don’t hear anything so I assume he is working inside the barn instead of outside.
 I throw a load of laundry in the washer, I then go and read some of your wonderful blogs. I am listening through the window, I hear nothing. I decide I better go out and check and take My Hero a drink, he never thinks of that for himself and it is already hot outside. I mix a variety of juices and pour into a glass. I stand in the barnyard and I listen, nothing. I yell into the barn, nothing, for a moment my heart skips a beat. Anyone that lives and works on a farm will understand that one.
 I count the tractors they are all here, I go around the corner and the backhoe is gone. Since I am not sure what he is up to I run back into the house, pour the juice into a bigger container, I grab a banana, my cell phone, and camera and head to the back of the farm.
 I stop every so often to listen; where could he be? I hear nothing, I head deeper into the bush. I stop, I listen, and then I hear the noise of the chainsaw. I follow the sound.
Suddenly I hear a deafening crack; it shatters the stillness of the bush. I hear smashing, now I am running towards the sound.

 I see My Hero standing with the chainsaw still running, with a silly grin on his face. I see a dead elm tree hanging from the treetops, its base tittering on the stump. He finally looks my way and shuts down the chainsaw. I say to him that is definitely a widow maker, He says “Don’t worry I can get it with the backhoe it will be OK.” I am thinking silly me; why would I worry about that? I am now wondering does this backhoe really have special powers?  I stare at this very dangerous situation he has created. This always makes me very nervous; I have heard many stories of situations like this that have never ended well. He tells me to get way back and he jumps in the backhoe. I run far away but keep sight of the backhoe and the tree, my camera in hand. I am a little nervous. I listen, and watch.

 He pushes the base of the tree off the stump with the outstretched arm of the backhoe; the tree smashes to the ground bringing other tree branches with it. This is a much safer way than we used to do it. I like this backhoe with the special powers. He shuts down the backhoe I run towards him. “See, nothing to worry about.” I give him a hug.
 He informs me he will be up for breakfast shortly; he just wants to cut up the tree. He drinks his drink, and eats his banana,  I head back through the bush to the house.
 I walk, then I stop, I listen. I can hear the chainsaw running. I will never get used to these situations of not knowing what he is doing back in the bush alone.
 I am now sitting at my kitchen table, I listen, and I hear the backhoe coming. I relax.



  1. I'm glad your husband not only know the safe way to cut down trees but practices it. That wood will no doubt be put to good use this winter.

  2. ...and they always seem so surprised when we worry! Men.

  3. He is your hero for a reason.

  4. oh, i totally get that fearful feeling... you expressed it perfectly here...

  5. Yes, working out in the bush felling a tree that size.... I can understand your thoughts.
    I had a few of those times once. Men will be men :D)

  6. I bet your hero doesn't understand how fearful you are when you don't know where he is...or even when you do know where but he's working with dangerous machinery.

    I can feel your sense of relief when you realized he was coming in for breakfast.

  7. My wife hates firewood season and is always afraid when I fall a tree...but believe me I am careful, I wouldn't be much good to her if a tree fell on my head.:) It's nice that you are able to get them off your own property, we usually get about 1/3 of our years supply off our own property each season but have to go elswhere for the rest.

  8. Very well described. And all that before breakfast?!

  9. I biggified that backhoe photo. Yes, that big elm looks like a widowmaker. It's so much more difficult to stand on the edge and watch and worry. How good and thoughtful of you to bring the refreshments for Your Hero (and the camera for us).

  10. My Shug came home one day and said, "Look, it's my lucky day." I looked at his pants leg and there is a rip-rip-rip-rip-rip in a diagonal line across the top of his thigh. He was cutting a tree limb, over his head, when it went through the chain saw came down and literally went through his jeans, but did not even scratch his leg. I ALWAYS worry about him, with any tool in his hand, especially a chain saw. And we're building a house, so he always has a tool in his hand. always.

    Cindy Bee

  11. Oh, I can so relate to this post, B. Men, well my man, told me long ago, he likes the edge. I told him yesterday he needs to step to the center -- he's 50 now for heaven's sake! ;)

  12. I don't know what it is with men and chainsaws! My dad gets a silly grin, JW gets a silly grin and my hubby gets a silly grin! haha

    Glad he got that tree down safely!


  13. men, can't live with them...well you know the rest!!

    sitting on the edge of my seat kinda story!!!

  14. Whew, I thought this may end up a sad story for a bit as a farmer in NSW, Australia was killed recently by a tree he was felling! His poor wife had a nasty shock when he didn't come home for lunch :(.
    So glad you keep an eye on your hero as sometimes they need to be reminded they are mortal.

  15. Whew! I was afraid that that wasn't going to end well.

  16. I so know that feeling! Darn men, they have no idea what their manly activities can do to us. I think that is why I never had children. I was afraid they would be boys and who knows what they would be up to when I wasn't looking.

  17. I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Petal goes on his own and fells trees for firewood. He leaves in the morning and doesn't get home till the evening. A few times he's come home with a 'cut' in the leg of his overalls. " only skimmed the surface" he says! He always tells me where he will be though, or I would 'spit the dummy'. I always say.... men...they all have the same mother. Haha! Maa.


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