Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 “To the hut of the peasant, or lordly hall,
To the heart of the king, or humblest thrall,
Sooner or late, love comes to all.”

         William Henry Drummond

 I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, I have no idea why but it started after I left the dam.

 My Mom pulled out these keys to show me the other day, she asked me if I knew what they were for. I had no idea but I did recognize the dog tag. It was Pepper’s.
 Pepper was our family dog; when we had to put him down he was 16 and I was around 20. I had known his companionship and love most of my life.
 He was a Collie cross. His Mother was a purebred and well, he was an accident, his Father unknown.
 My Mom would tell us this story over, and over. She would say how very lucky we were, and she was right.
 The lady that owned the Mother was horrified that her purebred had not had a beautiful purebred batch of puppies. They were a mix of “Heinz 57’s” or “Mutts”, she just wanted them gone. My Mom picked Pepper he was beautiful, with golden browns, and black, huge feet and beautiful eyes. This lady could never have known how much this so called accident brightened our lives. He was the best companion a child could ever want.
 I was always glad Pepper could not talk; there would have been many more spankings at our house, I am sure. Pepper would follow us wherever we went, even those misadventures, and the places we should not have been, there he would sit and watch the crazy shenanigans.
 One day Pepper followed me yet again to the corner store, he was like our bodyguard, he was big, and no one ever bothered us, they were afraid of him.
 While I went and roamed the store Pepper would always sit outside patiently waiting by the door. I heard all this screaming so I ran to the front of the store, there was Pepper, someone had let him in. Mr B. was screaming at Pepper, and now me. Apparently Pepper had lifted his leg and peed all over a display of peas. I know I think it sounds funny now, but Mr. B did not have a sense of humour I guess. He told me I would have to pay for all those cans of peas because he could no longer sell them. I can still see his big scary eyes glaring at me. I burst into tears and Pepper and I ran all the way home.
 I have no idea what happened after that. I do know my Dad marched  right up to the store to see why I was crying. I also remember we were eating canned peas for quite a while. 
 I also think I remember Pepper smiling.

I often think of Pepper and how very lucky for us that no one wanted him. He was the best.



  1. Lovely! And it's ok to feel nostalgic, memories have the same effect on me too.

    Have a great week.

  2. Funny how little objects can trigger those buried memories. Great story, B! :)

  3. wonderful story b, when you write, you draw me in.

    so many of my favorite childhood memories involve "my best friend"!

  4. I love this story. Sounds like Pepper was voicing his opinion about always being left outside.

  5. I'm glad you shared your Pepper story. That little tag carries a lot of memories, I'm sure.

    I'm laughing to think how your friend even made sure your ate your vegetables, a lot of them. I'll bet he thought the whole episode was a super hoot.

  6. I love this story! How sweet to have Pepper's tag on the key ring!
    (Mean ol' Mr. B!)

  7. Aw, Pepper sounds like just the perfect childhood companion. How sweet for you to have those memories.

    I had a little chuckle at the "pea drama". Guess your Dad had a quiet laugh too, even though he obviously had to 'shell' out for them ;-D

  8. oh poor pepper. i can't blame him as i'm not a fan of peas either.

    very sweet story...

  9. So do you still enjoy peas or were you finished when you were finished? :) God knew what we needed when he created dogs. They are such wonderful companions.

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. You are the best storyteller. I always feel like I'm right there with you. I hope you are doing ok. I hope your added responsibilities do not bring added stress. I love your photo of the lamps on the dresser. As always thanks for sharing such good memories and photos.

  11. Hahahaha...oh that is so SWEET! I love memories like that. Even though they were horrific in your mind back them....they become treasures when you're older!


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