Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Serious Matter !

       “He said they that were serious in
          ridiculous matters
       would be ridiculous in
          serious matters.”

So, my Canadian friends, how did you spend your holiday Monday?

I spent part of my morning sitting, and waiting in a hospital corridor, watching the clock, and looking at those bare walls. Don’t worry it was not an accident, or some other horrible incident. This was a clinic visit. Apparently not all Doctors know it is a holiday.
 I could laugh, and joke about why I was there but this is a very serious issue for me. An issue I will not take sitting down.
 I am talking about my pre-check for a colonoscopy. If anyone wants to stop reading now, I will understand. This is an embarrassing subject for many people. I myself choose not to die because of silly embarrassment.
 We are lucky enough to be able to get this test free in Canada (what a great country). Everyone over fifty should have this test every five years. If you have a family history of bowel cancer you should start testing earlier, and be vigilant about getting tested. This is extremely important.

  When I walked in the room my Doctor said, “What took you so long? I have not seen you in eight years.”  Wow it is true time does go fast. I thought I had just missed the fifth year. Time, and life, sometimes makes you forget about very important things.
 I am very serious about this issue. I have known friends who have died because they just did not know, and/ or were embarrassed by the whole thing.
 My Mom is living with only her small colon; her large colon was removed after she became very, very sick ten years ago. She was diagnosed with diverticulitis; it had progressed so far as to completely destroy her colon. She almost died. She had to wear an ileostomy bag for six months, until she was lucky enough to be able to have her bowel reattached. This is not an easy thing for anyone. She is a very strong woman. My Doctor told me that very few survive the surgery she had.
 My sister went in for a surgery of a female matter. She was 53, during this surgery they noticed a flat spot in her bowel. She was sent home to heal from her major surgery; they would be able to deal with this new issue six weeks later. That problem turned out to be a tumour in her bowel. It turned out to be an aggressive type of bowel cancer. The tumour had doubled in size in those six weeks. A surgery was scheduled, she was lucky enough that they could remove it all and her bowel was reattached. Thank goodness for an alert surgeon. It would have been a very different story in as little as a few more weeks.
 The point of this post is to relay my experiences with something that should not be embarrassing. It is a very serious matter.
   I will be having mine in November. They are booked solid till then.

 What are you waiting for?
There are a multitude of information sites to explain this procedure, and how important it is to your over all health. Take the time to do some research. 

On the good news side, my friend J, and My Hero are back raking, and baling those last six fields of hay. It turned out to be a Holiday Monday (for me) after all.



  1. a very good message - especially with some personal family experience to back it up...

  2. Don't you just love how as soon as your 50th birthday rolls around a week later you get notification from the government to have a colon test done. Isn't it bad enough to see the number 50 and half your life is gone but...........groan.....colon testing!

  3. Excellent message, and no one should ever be embarrassed by medical procedures!

  4. Good for posting about this very important matter! I totally agree. I've been through this little procedure twice and, although it's far from fun (except for the good drugs)it's SO important to catch problems before they become big.

  5. An ounce of prevention....

    In my case it's heart disease that runs through our family. No matter what it is, we owe it to ourselves and our lovd ones to keep up on these things. Poignant post B.

  6. I've got a screening interview and checkup for a colonoscopy scheduled for next week and my actual colonoscopy scheduled for the following week. It is one of those things that is a pain in the uh, well...but so necessary.

  7. Very important info! For sure.

  8. very important message indeed....it's the prep for this that gets me actually, not the procedure itself!!!

  9. my mom had a mini stroke about a year back and ended up having her first mamogram at the age of 69! old folks can be so stubborn...

    and i didn't know canadians celebrated ramadan?


  10. Good message - its just like anything else, if you take care of it it will last longer...

  11. glad you take such good care of yourself, i wish everyone did..even when it includes stuff that's not so fun.

  12. YEP i agree and i am glad you went!!! And yes people should go check themselfs out even if it means some embarresment or not so funny experience! Girl (and guys) gadda do what they have to do!

    And THANK YOU for your pep talk on my withdrawal post! that was so sweet! I am sorry i'm a bit late on commenting... tennessee didnt have the best reception... hehe


  13. How appropriate your post is today. I went with my sister for her check up with her specialist this week, after having an operation for bowel cancer in November last year.
    It's one of the 'silent killers'


  14. I hear you loud and clear. Now, I have to call to get one scheduled. :)


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