Thursday, August 11, 2011


“Not many sounds in life,
and I include all urban and all rural sounds,
exceed in interest a knock at the door.”

                        Charles Lamb

Those “things on my plate”, involved yet another trip to the big city. I love the hustle and the bustle of the city. It is the exact opposite of the farm. Exciting.
 Sirens, traffic, and construction sounds versus, birds singing, the chipmunk that keeps running back and forth in our eves trough, and the sounds of my mooing cows in the early morning.
 Different but surprisingly pleasant. I guess if I lived here long enough I would not even hear these sounds. On the other hand, I have never tuned out the sounds of the farm.
 I guess it is like the house that sits near the railway track. I have been told that after awhile you do not even hear those sounds. The person that lives in the downtown core of a big city doesn’t even notice all those sounds in the middle of the night.
 I cannot even imagine not noticing the sounds on the farm.
 What makes people tune out?
 Could it be as simple as manmade noise versus nature made noise?

 It is 4:30 am and I stare at the clock. This is not my clock, this is not my bed, and this is not my room. These are not my sounds.
 I can hear the street noise, the air conditioner running, and the tap dripping in the bathroom.
 I am waiting for morning. This is my last night in the big city after three days, and I am getting anxious. I need to be home with my own clock, my own bed, my own room, and my own sounds.
 After a long day of appointments, and rushing I will be heading for that train that will bring me home. It is 5:00 am I stare at the clock. Not my clock.



  1. Have you ever seen the movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." The news reporter (popular star but I'll be darned if I can remember his name right now. I can picture him though!) anyway, he has a tape player that he turns on of horns honking, sirens and such just so he can get to sleep. I go crazy when I hear a kid saying..."Mom? Mawwwm? Maawwwwwmmmm? Mawwwwmmmmm?" but Mom's just tune it out. I guess it's just what you get used to.

    Cindy Bee

  2. To me, the greatest example of tune-out is with folks who live right next to a RR track, with trains roarin' past all hours of the day and night---they don't even hear them.

  3. i lived near a train track once and it's true - you don't even hear them after a while. i also lived in the city and got droned by the traffic sounds all night long... i prefer owls, cicadas, coyotes in the night now... :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. A trip to the city is fun and fascinating. But it's not home.

    I think that it makes perfect sense that we would tune out the jumble of man made noise but hear without effort the sounds of nature. It's only natural! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I can tune out my howling coyotes and tractor hums....but beeps, honks, sirens of the city drive me to insanity. Give me my own sounds (and bed) any day!

  6. Thanks for the visit to The Big City at 4:30 a.m. Your words and your photos really take me there--a very foreign place to me, but home to so many. I think whatever becomes your home becomes so normal that you adjust.

    It reminds me of the guy who lives in the lighthouse and becomes used to the light flashing, the bell ringing and the horn blowing all night. Then something happens and all goes silent. The guy jumps out of bed and yells, "What was that?!!"

  7. aaaah!!! i love toronto!! hahaha! i'm all excited for you now.

  8. I live right near a rail track
    (three actually) that transports freight. We also have a lot of grain go through. After two and a half years of it...I'm still not used to it. Perhaps it's because we are out in the country and it's quieter than a bustling city....or I may be more sensitive to sounds than some others.

    A dripping tap drives me over the edge. Bit like scraping fingernails down a blackboard!

    I'm sure you'll be glad to get home. Maa

  9. May you have a safe trip home. I miss the country sounds so very much and they're right city noises become annoying if you don't tune them out.

  10. There's no place like home :D)

  11. Your post reminded me of when I have to go to the city for training. I hate every second of it. Probably the only places I really enjoyed were Seattle and Austin. I totally agree with the not my clock, not my bed, comment. You really know how to put it.


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