Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thinking Ahead!

“Poplars anticipate the fall,
Grow yellow briefly in September
On hope the poplar springs up fast,
But as a tree, it cannot last.
                      Roy Helton

 Fall seems to be creeping up on us. I can tell, my bones are starting to ache at night. The heat of the summer always makes me forget my ailments, I love that.
 This summer has went so quickly, it always does. Living on a busy farm has always seemed to eat up the summers.
 This one seems to have involved more off farm activities for me. My Hero has taken up the slack, and handled most things on his own. I did bale a fair amount of hay but not as much as I usually do. Next year will be better those things on my plate are starting to wind down. Hopefully I will write a post about those things but since they involve someone else we will see. It is not only my story to tell.
 I do love the fall, the colours, the weather and the seemingly slower pace. We are not always trying  to race against the weather, an exhausting race this year.
 September is going to be busy. The girls will be away in Holland and Miss Mollee will be demanding my time.
 My garden will be ready for harvest; I hope to get lots of frozen, and canned bounty. My tomatoes are delicious.
 The cattle will have to be shipped, a task that is emotionally, and physically hard for me. This still remains the job that drains me. I am sure it is more the emotional part, than the physical. I do get very attached to my cows. We will be buying a new bull. I still miss Howard, and Ernest. I find the older I get the harder this seems to be. The bills have to be paid, or we will not be able to keep this farm I love so much. This is how we do it
 The house needs a good scrubbing, and I have been procrastinating on the mounds of farm paperwork waiting to be done. There seems to be a lot more paperwork in farming these days.
 Yes my September is going to be a busy one but there will be fun to be had. We will be travelling to The International Plowing Match with brother D, and his lovely wife J, I am looking forward to this. Two nights away, in Hawkesbury Ontario not far from the Quebec border. A weekend away, and lots to see and do. I can’t wait.
  There will also be many auctions to go to. This is going to be great.
 Now I just have to get those not so fun jobs done, so we can enjoy those finer September moments.



  1. I find summer draining then then to sell the animals come fall emotional as well. My chickens are in their second year laying and I don't want to feed them through yet another winter, so to the abattoire they shall go, soon ! The cows tend go all year round, but I usually have little time to get emotional with the young bulls. The older cows though are family.It sure is a cold morning today. Whished I had gloves on in the dairy.

  2. It's seems the older I've gotten the faster time is flying by. When I was growing up the summers seemed to last forever.

  3. I like it that you have plans and that you are thinking about fall and what is next. There is much to do, and Buttons is very much involved!

  4. Farming is a hard job, emotionally and physically. Farmers are strong people and we survive.

    It is good you had some outside activity. Between work and the farm, I rarely have time.

  5. We have one leaving today and another in two months that are really mean so good riddens!!! Makes it easy for us when they are mean.

  6. time flies when your busy! this summer has been so much more busy than normal. happy week to you!

  7. Awww, Sweet, sweet Sept. Besides the daily workloads, there is something wonderful about Sept. For me, it's the changing colors of our maple forest and the smell of dew on the grass. Have a wonderful time on your much earned weekend away.
    Travel Safe

  8. i know your fall will be here before you blink. i just love reading your writings as you take us along with you...

  9. farmers....for sure a different breed!! i long to live on a farm but know that i don't have what it takes!!! xo

  10. I agree totally in how this summer just came and went. The nights are beginning to get cooler here too and I can tell my favorite season is just around the corner. Let's enjoy the last few warm days of summer :-)!

  11. It's not hard to get attached to cows. I loved mine. Always enjoy watching others over in the distance.
    You have lots planned - your trip sounds good.

  12. You are true farmers and I know farmers have had some very hard times. We are just hobby farmers with chickens and a small garden and it has been hard to keep everything going in the 100 plus degree heat and no rain. But last night it was cool enough to sleep with the windows open - 58 on the front porch when I left for work. Fall is my favorite time of year. Enjoy your trip. I look forward to hearing about the auctions you attend - it's been too long since I got a chance to go to one.

  13. darn those chores getting in the way of just enjoying the season. ;o)

  14. We don't farm, really, but we used to, and I remember. May your freezer and pantry soon be full!

  15. There's a definite change in the air here too. Where did summer go? I know we will have some warm days ahead, but less in a row than before. Glad you have something to look forward to before winter sets in. :)

  16. "finer September moments". Love the sound of it!

  17. Good luck with all of your endeavors. Time sure seems to move fast.

  18. My word you are going to be very busy.
    We will soon have SPRING, how I will look forward to that..
    M xxx


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