Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost Back To Normal!

“Oh that it was my chief delight
     To do the things I ought!
Then let me try with all my might
     To mind what I am taught.

                    Ann Taylor

 Laundry done, floors done, and supper ready. Off I go to fuel the tractor and grease the baler. I started baling.
 Our friend J raked the hay for me so I only had to bale for four hours. Thank you J. that saved me a lot of time. I parked the baler in the barnyard with a part bale; My Hero would give the cows it later. They were eating one I had dropped earlier near the pump house. It was a little green. They sure do love it. I look out over the field and see the work completed I smile.

The counter on the baler says 735 we are done. That is all the bales we will get this year. The weather is changing and we are hoping this will get us through. It will, as we will sell the stockers to get through the winter.

I head into the house straight to the computer. The little plane says, “Landed 7 minutes ago.” Now I can relax a little.
 I phone M on my cell phone as house phone still not working. I phoned the phone company they would check it out. My cell phone bill will be huge this month. M tells me they are through customs and now she is heading to the car that will take her home, and K is being escorted by Treadstone home on the subway in The Big City. Thank you Treadstone you are a true gentlemen.
 The car will be a few hours and I can pick her up at brother D’s. I can hardly wait to see her.
 I phone K at her house an hour later she is home and fine. I tell her I will phone her when my house phone works. Now just waiting for M.
 I am driving My Hero crazy, “Should we go now? Maybe she will be early.”  He finally says, “OK let’s go”
 Well we are very early we wait with J. We hear the car drive up. I run out, there she is she looks tired but very happy. We hug Oma, and brother D say goodbye and head back home to see Miss Mollee.
 We walk in the house Miss Mollee ignores M and then the stories begin. My Hero, who has to work in the morning, retires to bed. M and I move down to her room and talk till the wee hours of the morning. Perfect the only thing missing was K.

 See the tree in the middle of the field with the bales surrounding it? M and I will be picking wild apples tomorrow and freezing applesauce. The apples are easy to reach now. 
Oh Yes, my phone started working again. Life is getting back to normal and it is good.



  1. Yes, getting back to normal is gooood. All the babies are safe, the work is done. Time to rest and get some good food in your bellies!

  2. All good things come to those who wait...and work hard. Isn't it a good feeling to know you can make it through another year..

  3. Normality brings peace. Peace is good.

  4. and a mother breathes a huge sigh of relief... :)

  5. Hard work and a lovely family..a blessed life!

  6. awesome work ethic...peace is good!

  7. Life is good! Now---get some rest!

  8. Hooray the bailing is done! Yay! for the safe arrival. Good luck with those apples.

  9. that's a lot of hard work!!

    yay for apples!

  10. You are one hard worker! Your hay looks beautiful. How do you store it?

  11. Well done - on all counts! Enjoy your apple-picking too.

  12. Congratulations on the return of your girls! I'm hoping to get some stories from abroad!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. I can't think of anything better than sitting up late visiting with my parents. I'm glad everyone is home safe and the baling is done. Hope the hay lasts.

  14. Such happiness to be back to normal. :)


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