Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apple Love!

“Over the hill and far
A little boy steals from his
     morning play
And under the blossoming
     apple tree
He lies and he dreams of
     the things to be.”
                      Eugene Field

 You met Bossy yesterday and she loves apples. I have only met one other lady that loved them more than her, her name was Mindy. In the fall around the farm we always have a lot of children visit. They love feeding the cows, and picking apples.

  As I pick apples off the tree, teetering on the side of the truck, trying to reach the biggest ones that are always on the top of the tree. I fill my sweatshirt pocket full. I am remembering a time when life was busy, yet simple at the same time.

  The children used to get into the back of the pickup truck and we would drive to the apple tree. We would park the truck under the tree. The cows would surround the truck, always to the delight of the children. Then some brave soul, be that my sister, or myself would climb that tree and shake it. The apples would fall into the back of the truck. The boys, and girls would run and pick them up and put them into the pails we had brought. We would fill the pails, or should I say try too.

 Some of these apples went for applesauce but most of them went for fun. Yes slimy, wet fun. Cow tongue that is. The children would hold the apple flat in their little hands, the cows, especially Mindy, would wrap their very rough, big, wet tongue around the apple and eat it up. The children would giggle with joy. Now you know that when kids are having fun you should never stop them so this would go on for a very long time, meaning not many apples for applesauce.
  When we were finished we would drive the truck back to the house a long line of cows following behind, Mindy in the lead. Once we stepped out of the truck she would nudge you and actually lift your shirt to see if you had any apples in your pockets. Well if you have ever been searched by a cow you would understand how wet you would become. There was always an apple, or two in those pockets just for her.
 Everyone would always laugh and more than likely we would do it all over again the next day. I miss Mindy.

The other night My Hero and I were checking the apples, reminiscing about Mindy. We picked a few. I ate mine; he took some to feed Bossy who we know loves apples. That was the photo you seen in yesterdays post.
 When I hopped the fence Bossy comes running over to see if I too had brought her any. My orange camera must have looked like an apple to her. This was the result.

 I miss my camera. Did I mention the International Plowing Match is this weekend? A photographer's paradise. (sigh)

Ps. This just in. After a telephone conversation with my sister P she says “Don’t you remember, backing the yellow truck hard into the tree then the apples falling into the back?” I am sure I forgot that because My Hero need not know that part.J




  1. What great memories! I can just picture the parade of cows following all of the children. Delightful. I love that shot of Bossy!

  2. Mindy and her followers reminds me of the line of horses following my twin and I as we did the same, shaking the apple tree to fill our pockets....what sweet memories you have conjured up. Thank You.

  3. eewwww- that is one long slimy tongue! Great memories of simpler? times. You should make Apple Walnut Delight with those apples. Yum. Did I already tell you that in another post? Sorry if I did. It's an age thing. I'll probably say it again tomorrow!

    Cindy Bee

  4. The first---and only---time I ever fed an apple to a cow I almost wet my pants from the incredible tongue sensation on my hand. I still laugh about it.

  5. you are welcome to mine for a week or so- we actually have 2- if you stick around here for a bit, you might see a piliated (sp) woodpecker!

  6. LOL! cow can't hold it's licker! :)

  7. Tee hee hee your secret is safe with me!

  8. Cows eat apples?? I only thought that was a horse treat. If we'd had an apple tree I'm sure I would have known that. Being searched for apples by a cow sounds like it's high on the EW factor scale, though.

    Imagining kids backing the pickup into the tree to shake it down for apples. Hehe

  9. oh sweet lady! i see myself haha!!

    Thank you sooo much it is truly amazing what all you girls did!

    And i LOVED the apple story and the last picture!

  10. That is one crazy photo! At first I though that was your arm in it's mouth. What a close-up!

  11. Gorgeous photos ... esp the Bossy's closeup.
    Lots of apple fun - great memories. Just LOVE the yellow truck incident ;D)

    You might just be surprised at the quality of photos your phone camera takes!

  12. I can relate to the cow tongue as ours eat oranges and it's interesting being 'frisked' by a 1200kg (double that figure and add a bit for pounds!) Brahman bull that thinks you have one more hidden in your jacket pocket. The horns are a bit of a worry so it's lucky he's a big pet and takes it philosophically when he discovers the treats have run out.
    Lol, your Hero doesn't read your blog does he??

  13. Love that photo of Bossy! Seems she was well named. :)


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